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by Bob Russell, ©2021

Source: Nancy Pelosi Twitter

(Sep. 3, 2021) — Nutty nancy pelosi, the power-hungry mongrel with a botox- and booze-addled mind, is trying to take the focus off the travesties happening in Afghanistan and on the southern border and destroy the nation, President Trump, any of his supporters, and establish totalitarian Nazi/Communist-style rule in America. Her “investigative commission” is nothing but a witch hunt by political hacks who hate God, America, President Trump, and liberty for We the People.

Nutty nan is one of the most corrupt people to ever weasel her way into power in the federal government but fits right in with the satanic pond scum that infests the federal and much of state government.  The states controlled by devildemocommiecrats are where the massive vote FRAUD occurred to install the very corrupt, morally and mentally bankrupt usurper joe biden at the top of what used to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Sadly of, by, and for the people is no longer the case.  Today it is of, by, and for the corrupt political ruling class.  The entire devildemocommiecrat party is totally corrupt as is the deep state gop establishment.  There are still some republicans who stand up for the Constitution and We the People but they are too few and are pushed aside by the gop TRAITORS like mcconnell, mccarthy, graham, sasse, collins, murkowski, cheney, kinzinger, and too many others who have sold their souls to satan for power and wealth in this life.

I have seen reports that nearly 600 patriots are being held in solitary confinement without bail or access to lawyers while antifa and blm rioters, looters, arsonists, and murderers are free to continue their carnage.  The difference?  The marxists are doing the bidding of the despots in control.  The despots spent five years and tens of millions of tax dollars trying to impeach President Trump based on lies and a false dossier paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc.  Nutty nan and her evil flunkies will do anything they can to destroy what was once the greatest nation ever established in the history of the earth.

While moslem terrorists, drug cartels, and MS-13 gang members pose a huge threat to every American citizen, it is patriots who the satanic political ruling class has in its sights.  The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists run cover for the despots and the big tech social media sites censor patriots because all not bowing to satanic leftist narratives are denounced as “insurrectionists” spreading “misinformation.”  The left defines “misinformation” as truth that goes against their narrative and agenda.

As I recently wrote, patriotism is called “domestic terrorism” by the despotic satanists running amok in government and the “media” today.  When nutty nan denied Rep. Jim Jordan a seat on her “commission,” she showed it was nothing but a partisan witch hunt.  Jordan is one of two supporters of President Trump kept off the commission because they would seek truth and nutty nan, the botox/booze queen, doesn’t want any mention of truth in the “hearings” designed to put innocent people in prison as political prisoners.

I believe devildemocommiecrats are releasing hundreds of violent criminals nationwide to make room for a vast imprisonment of political prisoners to be held for daring to demand the Constitution be followed by the political hacks who swear to uphold the Constitution but intentionally violate it every day.

Despotism is the order of the day in America and will only get worse, but Almighty God will get His fill of the nonsense and slap down the satanists eventually.  I am old and quite disabled from a severe stroke so can’t be much help if/when Constitutional opposition to tyranny turns into an armed revolution like our founders were forced to resort to in order to win their freedom from the despotic King George III of England.

I have the military training and experience as a former Special Forces weapons man that is needed but no longer have the physical ability to either fight or to effectively train others.  I can explain tactics and combat techniques, but anyone who knows anything about training people for war knows that classroom teaching has to be followed by practical application.  Theory and words are good but practical application is where the best learning takes place and I don’t have the ability to do the field training portion.  I can’t even hold a rifle, much less teach trainees how to use one in hand-to-hand combat or even correct shooting techniques.  With only one usable arm I can’t disassemble, clean, and reassemble one, either.

I am sad that I am no longer able to put my military training and experience to use but will do anything I can to preserve liberty in the nation I love and the meaning of the flag I served under.  Sadly, those at the helm of the military today are logistical toadies of globalist political hacks.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is nothing but a boot-licker who rose through the ranks as a supply clerk, not a combat commander.  These are the kind of useless slugs being put over our brave military people by devildemocommiecrats who are more interested in turning the military that was once the finest in the world into a mamby-pamby social experiment that panders to the very worst of society, the whiny “social justice” crybabies who want boys to be girls.  It saddens me and makes me sick at the same time.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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