by Bob Russell, ©2021

Adolph Hitler ushered in national socialism in Germany, which led to the deaths of millions of Jews, gypsies, the disabled, and other groups Hitler targeted. Medical experiments were conducted on Jews held in concentration camps which often led to death.

(Aug. 21, 2021) — How can patriotism be “domestic terrorism?” Patriotism upholds the basic tenets the United States of America was founded on.   The satanic left’s insane lust for personal wealth and power cannot succeed if American citizens stand on the Holy Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. The terrorist left hates patriots because we are a threat to their hunger for ultimate power and wealth for themselves. 

Another aspect of patriotism that sends the satanic left into apoplectic seizures is our refusal to submit to having the untested, unapproved poison they call a vaccine injected into our bodies.  I am sure that the FDA under corrupt devildemocommiecrats will soon grant approval to the vaccines because much of the resistance comes because the vaccines are not FDA-approved.  I WILL NOT submit regardless of what a corrupt bureaucrat says because I trust God with my health and submit only to Him.  If it is God’s will that I contract and die from the virus it will happen but I believe He will continue to protect me from it as He has so far.  I have been around several people who came down with the virus shortly after our contact but I have not experienced any symptoms.

Patriotism is a threat to totalitarianism because standing for freedom makes it much harder to roll over people and subject them to tyranny.  Adolph Hitler subjugated the German people partly because they were willing to accept his agenda of blaming Jews for every bad situation in the country leading to their total demise under a brutal tyrant.  The devildemocommiecrats and their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists are trying the same tactics against Christians/patriots to steamroll American citizens into turning on each other, thereby making a takeover much easier.  Some of the political hacks and propagandists have urged citizens to turn in/report friends and relatives who stand against tyranny, reporting them as fomenting armed revolt against a legitimately-elected federal government. 

In the first place, nothing about the 2020 was legitimate.  I have seen many reports of vote FRAUD that led to the sham that put devildemocommiecrats in control of the federal government, including videos of boxes of ballots being pulled from under tables and run through machines after counting had been stopped for the night and observers sent home. There are other reports, a thousand or more by way of sworn affidavits, that attest to “irregularities” in the counting process.  Many of the sworn statements come from democrat poll-watchers who are appalled at the lack of integrity in the election process.  Their guy “won,” but many don’t like the way it was decided because they see the handwriting on the wall, knowing that illegitimate elections will eventually hurt them also.

The coronavirus scamdemic is a minor illness being politicized by satanists to frighten or intimidate people into submission to tyranny.  As I said in my last article I don’t believe the virus necessarily is  the Mark of the Beast foretold in the Book of Revelation, though it seems to be headed in that direction, but I do believe it is being used by political opportunists to enslave We the People at the very least.  Although I really don’t have any solid Bible verses to stand on I believe it is part of God’s punishment on the earth, including America, for sin and outright rebellion against His Commandments.  Immorality is rampant in our nation, worse than it has ever been, and government throwing God out of schools and the public forum is spitting in the face of the Creator of all things, an attitude that will not end well for those involved in such activities.

People who follow the Bible and the Constitution are hated by satan’s minions because we make it harder for them to establish their evil empire.  As Hitler did to the Jews, leftists are denigrating Christians and patriots to turn people against us and to hopefully intimidate us into cowering before their evil agenda.  The “wokes” need to wake up before it is too late for them.  They will eventually find out, as some already have, that they can’t speak a single word of opposition, or even show hesitance in regard to leftist ideology.  Some have already seen this as the satanists said something that gave them pause and they have been targeted by the ultra left for not being “woke” enough.  Pleasing man in most instances is displeasing God and that has eternal consequences that are much more severe and lasting than cancel culture.  I WILL NOT bow to satanism regardless of the temporal consequences.  They can put me in one of their FEMA concentration camps or kill me outright but they CANNOT intimidate me into bowing to tyranny!

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. It is a crying shame, Bob Russell, that the vast majority of American citizens (and persons who are unlawfully coming here to live) do not have your intellect, religious beliefs, courage, and love of our country. You must be a “domestic terrorist!”
    In other words, you must be just like myself and many other PATRIOTS, who seek and speak the truth on this unique free platform known as The Post & Email. Thank you for it, Sharon Rondeau.
    May God have mercy on all of us in this time of misinformation, censorship, immorality, and woke insanity. Amen.