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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 30, 2021) — At approximately 3:30 p.m. EDT, the final U.S. military aircraft departed Afghanistan after nearly two decades in the country.

The Taliban, a well-known terrorist group which has overtaken the country and plans to form a new government, issued an August 31 deadline to the Biden regime for the U.S. exit which Biden observed despite harsh criticism from members of Congress.

In the past, the Taliban has imposed sharia law, which included brutality against women and forced marriage for young girls.

U.S. Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie announced the final military departure Monday afternoon, admitting that some Americans were left behind. The decision belies Biden’s statement made in an August 19 interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in which he pledged U.S. service members would remain in the country to extract every last U.S. citizen.

No Americans were evacuated over the last 12 hours, McKenzie said, and some Americans “did not make it” to the airport.

On Thursday, 13 U.S. servicemen were killed by two suicide bombs detonated close to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, where evacuation operations were taking place since the city fell to the Taliban on August 14-15.

On Monday’s “Hannity,” Gold Star father Darin Hoover, whose 31-year-old son Taylor was one of those killed, said Biden glanced at his watch “every single time” a flag-draped coffin was brought past Biden during the dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday.

Hoover refused to meet with Biden, he told Hannity. Mark Schmitz, the father of slain Marine Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz, said he decided to meet with Biden to honor his son. “It didn’t go well,” he told Hannity, adding that Biden spoke more about his deceased son Beau, who served in the military and died of brain cancer in 2015, than the son Schmitz had just lost.

Family members of others who lost their lives made similar observations, according to The Washington Examiner.

According to journalist Lara Logan on Twitter following U.S. troops’ exit Monday, the Taliban began “house-to-house executions” of individuals left behind, in apparent retribution.

Logan referenced a video she posted Monday afternoon of several Afghan women, one of whom addressed Biden in English begging to be evacuated from the country. Behind her a young child similarly addressed “President Biden.”

“They’re hunting them down,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) told host Sean Hannity, referring to the Taliban of Americans and allies left in Afghanistan.

According to other tweets of Logan’s on Monday, the United States failed to “open the gates” at the airport to allow for Americans, Afghan allies and others attempting to escape the country in a last-ditch effort prior to the U.S. military’s departure.

At approximately 9:00 p.m., State Department spokesman Ned Price tweeted, “The Taliban needs to meet its commitments and obligations in Afghanistan on freedom of travel, respecting basic rights of the people, upholding its commitments on counterterrorism, not carrying out reprisal violence against those who stayed, and forming an inclusive government.”

Earlier, Price wrote, “The United States plans to make good on our commitment to the Afghan people, including by welcoming thousands of them into our communities. Embassies around the world continue to support this effort as we move Afghans out of the country to their new homes.”

Several private organizations such as operationrecovery.org are attempting to extract those still trapped inside Afghanistan, Hannity reported at 9:53 p.m.

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  1. The Biden Administration failed to meet its commitment to leave no American behind in Afghanistan. Therefore I call on the Biden Administration to immediately resign…in toto.