by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Aug. 26, 2021) — Every. Single. Time. 

Every…, single…, time… that a liberal, radical Democrat is placed into a position of governmental authority and power, the result is bad.  Not merely “mediocre” or “so-so.”  Bad.  Cases in point: Chicago; New York; Seattle; Portland; Atlanta; Detroit; San Francisco; Los Angeles.  Your humble servant now asks all who voted for Dr. Jill’s husband: “You happy now?”

Then there are times – such as now in Afghanistan – when we are faced not only with merely “bad” consequences of Democrat power, but catastrophic consequences.  These results have not yet achieved cataclysmic or apocalyptic proportions, but they will surely come as long as the piece of human waste now masquerading as a somnambulant, sleepwalking “commander-in-chief” of the United States armed forces remains in the Oval Office. 

Specifically, with the two (so far) suicide bomber explosions today at and near the Kabul airport – killing, among others, 12 United States Marines and one Navy medic – the trail of American blood leading from Kabul into the Oval Office, up to the Resolute Desk and onto the hands of the miserable “Person Of Slumber” (hereinafter, for brevity, the “POS”) sitting there can only grow wider.  And deeper.  And more indelible.

None of this…, repeat, none of this was inevitable.  None of it had to happen.  It was intentionally engineered (much like a virus from Wuhan, China and deliberately implemented by the POS.

And yet, in the incompetent fog of his brain (it is a misnomer to characterize as a “mind” the organ occupying the volume between his ears and beneath the hair-plugs embedded in his skull), the “strategy” of withdrawing our troops before securing the evacuation of American citizens seemed logical to him. Inexcusable.

His “strategy” has led directly to the deaths of 13 members of our armed forces.  The miserable flaks he has chosen to surround and shield him bleat that the chaos now engulfing the country (it is also a misnomer to refer to a geographic area controlled by sub-human hyenas as a “nation”) was “unanticipated” and “took everyone by surprise.” That was…, and remains…, a lie.

When this post was being originally composed, the American military death toll was four.  As it was being composed, the confirmed toll rose to eleven.  By the time you read this, it will likely be even higher.  More suicide and rocket attacks are anticipated. 

And the eleven American military personnel death toll takes into account only the Americans killed so far.  This number excludes future deaths of hundreds, and likely thousands of Americans and Afghanis who assisted us over the past twenty years in keeping a “lid” on the simmering cancer of radical Islam in Afghanistan.  These people, of course – consistent with the “we’ve-considered-all-contingencies” exit strategy – will be left behind, stranded, abandoned and essentially “on their own” as part of the POS’ brilliant thinking as commander-in-chief.

Worse, at his disgraceful presser this afternoon, he actually tried to honor the military personnel who had “given their lives” in defense of the redefined “mission,” i.e., the evacuation of tens of thousands of people under extremely chaotic conditions…, which chaos the POS himself created. 

Memo to the POS: those military members did not voluntarily “give their lives.”  Instead, you ripped their lives from their bodies as a consequence of your treasonous and incompetent execution of the duties required of a genuine “commander in chief.”  Under other circumstances, this is normally called “murder.”

Disgraceful.  Treasonous.  A quintessential “high crime,” without regard to “misdemeanors” or giving material “aid and comfort” to the enemy.  And the Democrats impeached President Trump just before he left office for purportedly inciting an “insurrection” that never took place?

Your humble servant used to refer to the POS as merely the “Goof,” the “Goofball” or the “Goofball-in-Chief.”  Within the geographic limits of the Republic, those nicknames remain relevant.  On the world stage, however, the “POS” moniker is more relevant and accurate. 

The intrepid P&E Editor here understates her reference to him as a “monster.”  She is too kind.  The POS is a monstrous existential threat not only to the Republic, but to the rest of the civilized world.  Recall that the Obama-POS regime had 8 years – 2008-2016 – to accomplish an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.  It failed. 

Now, as a result of this catastrophic, precipitous and chaotic abandonment of our presence in Afghanistan, the POS has laid the groundwork for the safe and secure resuscitation of a worldwide terrorist network…, with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, of course, immunized as either allies or financiers of terrorism.  Nice work, you POS.

Faithful P&E readers, this post could go on far longer listing the horrific, serial outrages of this addled POS, but the bottom line would be the same: one way or another, he must be removed as president.  Now.  Whether via impeachment (way too long), court martial (too long as well and perhaps not legal), invocation of the 25th Amendment (a possible, but uncertain remedy given that all cabinet members are Democrats appointed by the POS) or otherwise, he must go. 

Stated otherwise, get the POS out.  He is an existential threat to the Republic.  Pick a mechanism (lawful, preferred…) and remove him.  NOW.

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  1. How about charge him with TREASON? There are several others who could be charged, too. But, then, I guess our WOKE culture (including its criminal justice system) doesn’t recognize certain violations of law which they don’t approve of anymore! Right, Barack, Nancy, and others whose names you undoubtedly already know. The time to take back, in a peaceful and lawful manner (if that is still possible), our constitutional democratic republic from the anarchists and wanna-be communists is indeed upon us now. WHY SO QUIET, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA?” I think I know, but I’ll let others answer that question, if anyone dares. Tom Arnold.

        1. State and/or local officials in at least the six swing states of AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA and WI unlawfully either changed or ignored statutory election laws in violation of their State’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution as well. That relegates the popular and electoral votes of at least those States unlawful.

        2. No court agreed with your assessment. And the former vice president certified the results from every state, including those six states.

          You believing those states’ results are “unlawful” does not make them so.

        3. Everyone keeps hurling snowballs at this Wheeler guy, but he keeps making himself a target for more projectiles. Huh.

          Anyway, TALIBIDEN is a FRAUD-president and, therefore, “Biden received a majority of the popular [FRAUD] vote and [FRAUD] electoral votes, as [FRAUDULENTLY] certified by the former [Republicon] vice[s] president.”

          TRUMP: “In GOD We Trust” as TALIBIDEN and William Wheeler: “In FRAUD we Trust”

        4. That you believe Biden is a “FRAUD-president” (whatever that means) doesn’t make it so.

          Your beliefs cannot undo or nullify the actions of those authorized to conduct, count, and certify an election.

    1. Reply from Joseph DeMaio:

      Wheeler asks: “…so unlawful methods are acceptable? And being implicitly advocated?”

      Utilizing smaller words for Wheeler’s benefit, and to be clear: “no” to both questions. Unlike radical Democrats, your humble servant always prefers lawful solutions to exigent problems. Unlawful methods of addressing such problems – e.g., giving aid and comfort to a wartime enemy (abandonment of Bagram) or shirking the duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” (disregard for the border) – are to be avoided, especially by presidents. Moreover, implicit in Wheeler’s questions is the lurking suggestion that the catastrophe unfolding in Afghanistan, precipitated and orchestrated by Dr. Jill’s husband, proves that he is doing an exemplary job, justifying his claim to remain in office. That suggestion is, at minimum, ill-informed. Impeachment; court martial; 25th Amendment; perhaps an intimate chat with Dr. Jill leading to resignation, all are – or should be – on the table. The status quo is unacceptable. And dangerous.

      1. The “preferred” in “Pick a mechanism (lawful, preferred…)” was equivocation, suggesting that unlawful methods would be acceptable. Advocating for the unlawful removal of the duly elected, certified, and inaugurated President of the United States of America is sedition, even when hiding behind an attempt at plausible deniability.

        If the intent was clear writing, the penultimate sentence would be improved by simply ending with, “Pick a lawful method to remove him.”