by Tom Arnold, ©2021

Source: White House official portrait

(Aug. 21, 2021) — It can’t be you.  Let’s face it.  Your cognitive abilities have deteriorated greatly in recent years (I am 77 going on 78, and it is happening to me, too, although apparently not as rapidly).  Frankly, Mr. Biden, I’m not even certain whether or not you still have independent and meaningful thoughts.  Certainly, nothing that would qualify you to preside over the United States of America and our armed forces.  I defy you to prove this wrong.  YOU, SIR, ARE NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL (obviously, millions of Americans including myself, for a variety of different reasons, are not, either).  

So, who exactly is it that is running our country?  Beware, I do have strong suspicions.  I consider them to be sort-of like educated guesses, coming from my life experiences and personal studying (I am a military veteran, graduate of an SEC university, retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, an Independent-registered voter, and a one-time author of a modest but relevant book).  Forgive me for the bio.  I just thought it might be useful to demonstrate that I am not without some credentials.  And, no, I’m not a braggart or narcissist.  I also am not a racist.  I do not have the history of racism in my background like you do, Mr. Biden.  Not anything close!  I also am not a criminal, and, unlike you and your family, my family and I have never had any connections with the Mafia or organized crime.  
I digressed.  Now, then, it is time to get down to business and try to identify who exactly is running our country!  The first thing that we should have to agree upon is, IT ISN’T YOU, JOE!  And, if you have been “programmed” into the presidency by political shenanigans and election fraud of the Democrat Party and Deep State, then, sir, it would only be because they want someone in office who they can control and, I might add, blame when and if the going gets rough!  Do you feel as if you are being “set up,” Joe?  Anyway, judging from America’s recent history and some of the conspicuous individuals and groups which have been a part of it, I believe the list of “persons of interest,” who are actually the ones running our country, can be narrowed down.  By the way, keep in mind that neither you nor I nor anyone else VOTED for these behind-the-scenes subversives!  Something tells me that this isn’t the way our democracy is supposed to work!  So, here goes, one at a time, in no particular order except, of course, for the first one, and with brief explanations only.        
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, aka BARRY SOETORO SOEBARKAH (Not a natural born American citizen per Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.  In addition, a person who committed a variety of serious crimes which often were intended to help him deceive the American people and be elected)   
THE CIA (Past and present.  The CIA actually recruited Obama and, with other conspirators, made him the Democrat nominee.  He was a Manchurian candidate.  This is NOT the mission of the CIA)   
THE FBI (Past and present.  As usual, ask yourselves what did the FBI know, and when did they know it)
JOHN G. ROBERTS JR. (Politically compromised and corrupt Supreme Court “Chief Justice”) 
JOHN BRENNAN (Obama advisor and henchman before and during 2008 campaign, and Obama’s CIA Director from 2013 to 2017)
JAMES COMEY (Obama’s FBI Director also from 2013 to 2017)
NANCY PELOSI (Knows all of the above and was instrumental in much of it)
HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON (Still trying to figure out which one is the worst.  I guess they were “made for each other”)
VALERIE JARRETT (A confidant and top advisor to Obama with connections to many communist and extremist groups)
THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD (Likely Obama’s most favored foreign terrorist organization.  Next in line would be Iran)
BILL AYERS AND BERNARDINE DOHRN (Former members of domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground)  
GEORGE SOROS (Foreign-born anti-American billionaire and philanthropic left-wing scumbag posing as a fighter for freedom and an open improved society)
LOUIS FARRAKHAN (Current leader of “Nation of Islam”)
NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, AND FOX NEWS (Infiltrated with partisan political activists who choose what news to report and what not to report, and whether it should be real news or “fake” news.  Not exactly the so-called people’s government-watchdog “Fourth Estate”)     
SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS AND MONOPOLIES (Who now are surveilling you and limiting or completely cancelling your First Amendment rights.  Despite their motives and what it looks as if they are attempting to do, they do NOT have any governing powers over the thoughts, speech, or lawful outside activities of the people who are their users.  You would never know it, would you?)
THE DEEP STATE (Includes all of the above and many more who are covert advocates and oftentimes members of secret societies, promoting revolutionary “New World Order” ideologies and extreme social, economic, and governmental changes, the will of the People notwithstanding)
In conclusion, WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW IN WASHINGTON, DC?  And, WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING CHARGED WITH TREASON?  Or any other crimes for that matter.  The American people did NOT elect them.  It is NOT our will that they are making policies to transform and overthrow our CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.  Sorry, Mr. Biden, we didn’t elect you, either!  Also, it must be noted that your running-mate, VP Kamala Harris, is NOT a natural born American citizen, and we have already experienced, in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, what can happen to our country as a result of allowing this most important aspect of our US Constitution to be VIOLATED.  Do you suppose this could mean that the power to do things such as this (violate our US Constitution) can be exercised only by WHO’S RUNNING THE SHOW?  Hmm.

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  1. Mr Arnold.. You left out one Ne’er-do-well who I believe has a lot clout with
    To-Slow Joe… That would be Obama’s #2 advisor – Susan Rice