by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 

“On the second day of the Taliban’s rule in Kabul, the front of Hamid Karzai International Airport was crowded with people trying to travel abroad, but were stopped by Taliban militants.” (Wikimedia Commons, VOA, public domain)

(Aug. 21, 2021) — In the continuing tragic saga of the abandonment of American citizens in Afghanistan by the Goofball-in-Chief and his military “leaders,” it becomes increasingly clear that not only is the abandonment intentional, it was pre-planned. The empirical evidence keeps mounting that the Goof and his marionette-masters received warnings from the intelligence community, the State Department and the Pentagon that the Taliban takeover of the country would collapse from years and months to mere days and hours. 

Despite these ignored, dire warnings, he ordered the only remaining stabilizing force in the country – the United States military – to immediately (a) abandon in place billions of dollars worth of military equipment; (b) abandon between ten and forty thousand American citizens still in Afghanistan; and (c) get the heck out of Dodge (also known in Afghanistan as “Kabul”) by sundown.  Oh, and forget about informing your British, French and German allies of your calamitous “every contingency considered” exit strategy.

Far be it from your humble servant to favorably quote the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”) of the presidency, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., but when he told fellow Democrats back in 2016 to avoid nominating the Goofball and to never “underestimate Joe’s ability to … [foul, or some more colloquial verb] things up…,” for once, he got it exactly right.  As they say, even a broken clock (or usurper) can be right twice a day. 

And in a stunningly myopic piece by the Associated Press – hilariously captioned “Biden’s view of [his] job comes into focus after Afghan collapse” – the AP writers had to use an industrial forklift to apply lipstick to the pig that is now the Goof’s own, illegitimate sow. 

Although it is true, as they say, that you cannot “polish a turd,” the AP “journalists” do their best to tart the Goofball up by portraying as “seasoned political experience” the Goof’s betrayal of allies; his abandonment of American citizens now placed by him directly in harm’s way; and his laying of the groundwork for the renewed spread of terrorism across the globe.  That terrorism, of course, will now be firmly based in Afghanistan and equipped to the teeth with military equipment paid for by American taxpayers…, including those American taxpayers stranded in Afghanistan and now waiting for Taliban savages to come knocking at their doors. 

Tell me again that the products of today’s mainstream media and outfits like the AP differ in any material respect from Third Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels’ propaganda missives…, other than that Goebbels published in German while the AP uses English.

Oh, and do not forget that one of the confirmed Taliban leaders commanding the jackals now infesting Afghanistan – one Khairullah Khairkhwa – was released from Guantanamo Bay prison by the SUC, Monsieur Obama, back in 2014.  That particular hyena was released as part of the SUC-engineered swap of five (5) terrorists for one (1) U.S Army deserter, one Bowe Bergdahl.  Recall that after the swap was completed, the SUC celebrated the event with Bergdahl’s parents in… the Rose Garden, one of the more disgraceful and tawdry events at the White House in recent memory, right up there with Slick Willie Clinton’s intense “mentoring” of Monica Lewinsky.

But again, I digress.

One question remains unasked and, accordingly, unanswered: has anyone tried to determine how many of the Americans abandoned in Afghanistan voted for President Trump?  While the Goof assures us that he will do “everything possible” to extract all stranded Americans, is there any chance that those who voted by absentee ballot for President Trump might be… prioritized to the back of the line waiting for extraction? 

Might there be a text or email somewhere suggesting that, heck, because many of them are likely Trump supporters locating in Afghanistan after 2016, their safety and freedom doesn’t matter? Maybe a text to that effect between Susan Rice and, say, Hillary Clinton?  Surely the Goofball Regime and its acolytes would not be so villainous, so despicable, so…. evil… as to even consider such a thing.

Would they?

As recently noted here, the calamity now unfolding in Afghanistan is what happens when Democrats, socialists, liberals and similar leftist troglodytes are voted into office.  Every… single… time.

Perhaps before 2022, the electorate will have committed that lesson to memory as one of the more painful ones coming out of Kabul.

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