by Dwight Kehoe

New Jersey’s gun laws have been described as a “patchwork” which is unclear and highly restrictive

(Aug. 20, 2021) — [The following was sent to New Jersey State Sen. Michael Doherty Friday morning. – Ed.]

Dear Senator Doherty,

I am quite sure you do not remember me but I was active with the Tea Party movement several years ago.

We have met and talked on a few occasions and my recollection of you was and remains positive.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group, as you may recall worked to get Anna Little a primary win in Monmouth County.  She now is a Federal Court Judge, appointed by President Trump.

The reason for this email, which I chose to send rather than call your office, is our growing concern with not just this past 2020 election but all elections into the future.

No one I know has any confidence that their vote will count or we will ever see a fair election.

We must do three things:

We must have a Jovan Pulitzer based forensic audit of the 2020 election.

We must remove every Dominion voting machine, located in 18 counties and any other system using software to count (steal) votes.

We must return to paper ballots which will be counted by hand or use of totally isolated tabulators.  

Those counters must only not be connected to the internet, wifi, or blue tooth, but there must be no hardware capabilities to do so.

I appreciate the work you are doing protecting our children from runaway power hungry idiots and that is very important. But we MUST get our election system cleaned up.

If a voter is Republican and he knows someone at a terminal can vote for the other candidate hundreds or thousands of times, what incentive would he have to stand in line to vote?

This not good even for a Democrat voter. Why waste your time casting one measly little vote when someone else is voting for your guy tens of thousands of times?

This must stop.

There is a growing movement here in NJ for the 3 things I listed here. Check out Telegram, Gab, Twitter and FB and many others. We want this done and done soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please contact me if you know of any effort to get these things accomplished or if you have anything in the works.


Dwight Kehoe

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  1. I’ll second that. I believe Mr Kehoe is absolutely correct, if for nothing more than restoring the election integrity among voters, but we all know the results will be far more fruitful.

  2. We MUST restore integrity to our elections! If we lose our vote, we lose our FREEDOM! It’s about time we stop taking it for granted.
    NJ is one of the least secure when it comes to voting. I’m a life long resident and it’s beyond frustrating to see people work so hard, pay so much in taxes, and feel dejected ,feeling like they have no voice and that their vote doesn’t count !
    This should not be a partisan issue.
    As Americans, we should all want fair elections and there is only one way : get rid of the machines and have paper ballots with everyone showing their i.d. to prove you are who you say you are (like we have to do for everything else in life) !

  3. I’ve lived in NJ my entire life. I am disheartened at the obvious election fraud on the National level. New Jersey NEEDS to make sure our elections are legit regardless of party. Who is going to want to vote if they think their vote does not count? This must end NOW.