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by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

(Aug. 19, 2021) — “Corruption equals failure, so what happened in Saigon and what is happening in Kabul shouldn’t come as any surprise.”

“If you think you’ll get something for nothing, that’s exactly what you’ll get.”

“Lowering the standards for one through Affirmative Action lowers the standards for all.”

“Failure to enforce part of the law ends up not enforcing any.”

“Ignoring reality doesn’t change reality.”

“Moving the goal posts is the same as not having any.”

“Calling something other than its name doesn’t change its name.”

“Selectively picking chapter and verse doesn’t change the overall theme.”

“If you do a job just to get by, that’s what you’ll end up with.”

“An oath taken under false pretenses still counts as if taken for real.”

“An oath not honored is the true character of the person.”

“A person who mistreats animals is less than a human and deserves to be regarded as nothing more than discarded flotsam.”

“A person who murders deserves to die by the same means.”

“WD-40 is a great way to remove glue residue from tape.”

“A tattoo cannot be scrubbed away.”

“An act of kindness gets repaid for eternity.”

“Compassion and empathy have always been in short supply, so strive to keep your well full.”

“Envy is the result of low self-esteem, usually for good reason.”

“Disrespecting the emblems of a people disrespects them, and those who disrespect themselves deserve no respect from others.”

“Expecting a favor returned is no favor.”

“A vote is as sacred as the trust between you and your spouse.”

“A spouse lied to spells the end of the marriage.”

“Prolonging agony is a waste of time.”

“At the end of a conflict, all that matters is who won, not how they won.”

“There is a fine line between fighting and bullying.”

“Most of the time keeping your mouth shut is the best policy, but not all of the time.”

“It is easier to clean as you go, rather than fight the mess until the end.”

“If you practice neatness in one category, you are more than likely to practice it in all.”

“Wealth is determined by how others perceive you.”

“To be acceptable to others, first one must accept oneself for good or ill, and if ill strive to make good.”

“Drugs are the excuse for not looking into the mirror and facing reality.”

“Love is unconditional and when conditions are imposed, it is no longer love but tolerance.”

“The belief in the truth may change, but facts never do.”

“Chinese chemical warfare COVID-19 vaccine is the DEEP STATE/NEW WORLD ORDER knocking at your door: DO NOT OPEN!”

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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