by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Aug. 18, 2021) — There is a cancer metastasizing. While there will likely be scientific names eventually assigned to the malignancy, for the time being let us refer to it as the “Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.” tumor. It is now growing in the Oval Office of the White House, but traces have also been found at Camp David, the Biden residence in Wilmington, Delaware and aboard Air Force One. Rumor has it that chemotherapy has already been ruled out by the doctors: removal of the tumor will be needed to preserve the Republic.

Lest there be any doubt regarding the virulent “gain of function” nature of the metastasizing tumor – spare me the observation that gain of function relates to contemporary viruses, not tumors… the analogy is metaphorical – the unfolding catastrophe which the “leader of the free world” has precipitated in Afghanistan merely underscores the need for radical surgery and not chemo.

While his vaunted Secretary of State, Antony Blinken (now AWOL as the tragedy detonates), claims that perhaps “only” 10,000 Americans remain in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan, other less-biased reports set the number at perhaps as many as 40,000

And what does the State Department do?  It tells American citizens to “shelter in place,” PC code-speak for “hide and hope you live to see another dawn.”  And that was three days ago.  Today, the State Department informed Americans that their safe passage to the Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport cannot be assured.

Incompetence, thy name is Biden.  Junior.  As in “junior league.”

And at a hastily-called Pentagon press conference, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, presided over one of the saddest train-wreck pressers yet witnessed.  Austin, in particular, stumbled, stammered and hedged his promise to “evacuate every American in Afghanistan” by adding the caveat: “to the extent we can.”  Seriously?  These are the people the Goofball-in-Chief has appointed to protect the nation and its citizens?

The bottom line here…, until a new one becomes necessary tomorrow…, is that by completely blundering the “phased withdrawal” from Afghanistan – an objective supported by the vast majority of Americans – the Goof has likely signed the death warrants for thousands of Americans.  And that doesn’t even count the additional thousands of Afghanis who for twenty years have assisted the nation in keeping a pack of Fifth Century jackals at bay.  Over there.  Not here.

Now, thanks to the incompetent and cataclysmic decisions of the Goof – and very likely, those in close proximity to the Goof, including the one living at One Observatory Circle – at the end of the day, it may turn out that he and his closest partners, perhaps also including the marionette-masters orchestrating his every move, may be responsible for the deaths of several multiples of the total fatalities resulting from Mario Cuomo’s Wuhan virus nursing home debacle.

Accordingly, the question must be asked: how many Americans – Democrats, Independents, Republicans and others – who voted for the Goofball and his sidekick rather than Donald Trump would now do the same thing?  Donald Trump had more than a few shortcomings, but he never would have dropped the ball in Afghanistan as has now intentionally happened under Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.  Not only has the Goof dropped the ball in spectacular fashion, he has actually spiked the ball on the soon-to-appear graves of thousands of people, both Americans and Afghanis. 

And if anyone thinks that the Taliban “victors” in Afghanistan have evolved into well-behaved participants in the family of nations, that mind-set gives new meaning to the term “naïve.”  As noted here, a CNN reporter noted that the Taliban fighters “seemed friendly”…, until two of them approached her producer and threatened to pistol-whip him for using a cellphone.

The Goofball is a reckless, dangerous tumor…., with access to the nuclear launch codes.  This type of tumor is not cured with chemo.  It can be cured only by removal.  And since immediate impeachment is presently impossible, the 25th Amendment presents the ideal scalpel.

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  1. Unfortunately, if Xiden is removed via any means, he’ll be replaced by an incompetent anchor baby! This will legitimize any anchor baby’s’ aspirations to be President!!! We simply cannot let that happen!