by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021 

(Aug. 9, 2021) — If Poser Biden and his crooked minions plan yet again to have a national lockdown due to the fake-news variant of Covid-19 (followed by all kinds of variant versions thrown out), it is time to stop talking, being grumpy together over coffee and letting your rights be crushed. If we are to keep our fragile freedom, here is what must be done: Resist.

Churches and Christians, don’t shut down.  Attend and praise God.  Pray for Psalm 91 Covenant protection over your family, congregation and pastor.  No one has the right to order you not to worship.

Too many doctors to even mention now have told of the uselessness of the masks and even the danger of 20% restricted oxygen you have when wearing them. Don’t believe the “fact- checker” – Google rubbish about there being no danger or concern at all with wearing masks.  It is the liberal tech fake-news machine, remember.  You must now dig for the truth.  It is time to stop wearing them.  If you must wear a mask, wear a Batman and Robin-type mask over your eyes, but keep your mouth and nose free so you can breathe.  Again, common sense says if you feel sick, cough into your sleeve, look away and cover your mouth.  If you have a fever stay home until you feel better.

Does any of you understand yet the communist, evil, controlling, slippery slope millions have allowed themselves to be placed on?  If you choose to stay there, sliding downward, don’t be surprised when at the bottom there is lava and pain.  Wake up, America!

Gather, organize and march in the streets if you have to.  Keep your businesses open and talk to your local sheriff about your rights and plans to stay open. Go to church and stop wearing masks.  If Biden decides to push forced vaccines and forced health cards (he is talking fiercely about this already, so get ready), it is really time to fight.  If someone comes to your door to vaccinate you, don’t open it.  Keep your doors locked so no one can push his way in.  Whatever you do, don’t get the dangerous vaccine and be courageous. 

We are in a battle for America, good against stark evil and total control forced on us from the ruling and satanic elite.  This is not the time to submit to unconstitutional crimes from our government or state authorities!!!   Only those of us who know and protect our constitutional and legal rights will survive.  The world’s people are being pushed over fake- news pandemic cliffs as they wait now for the deadly vaccines to take effect. 

Is it going to be that easy to literally take out the world, turn us into vaccinated slaves and kill us?  So far, most of us are responding like crippled ballerina dancers, obeying what evil daddy Government demands. 

Soon, the attack will be Forced Lockdown again, forced vaccines coming to a door near you and then a national health card to buy, work, sell or attend anything.  Don’t “fight like hell”; that is what our enemy is doing.  Fight like Heaven and put your trust in God.  Stand, pray, trust, fight and win.  Nobody is taking away my rights or forcing anything in my body or there will be huge trouble, not for me but for them.

We may soon be deemed criminals or domestic terrorists if we go to church, want to breathe or not get a deadly and unneeded vaccine forced in us.  Jesus was called a criminal also, worthy of death.  Don’t give up hope.  Your real hope is in the Lord Jesus.  As we trust Him, He will give you strength to stand against evil and survive.

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  1. I WILL NOT COMPLY, NO MASK, NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, NO VACCINES for me. I have not bowed to the fake narrative power play and WILL NOT do so at any time for any reason. the fake scamdemic is merely a tool of tyrants to scare and/or intimidate citizens into subjugation and I WILL NOT BOW to satanic tyranny. It has a 99% survival rate so why let them inject poison into the body that does more harm than the virus, a virus that has “cured” the common flu, deaths from heart attacks, strokes, car wrecks, and every cause of death but gunshot wounds that the satanists use to disarm law-abiding citizen, in violation of the Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have filed a complaint against Mayor De Blasio (more complaints to come) with the International Criminal Court alleging a violation of International Laws against the forced vaccination of experimental and unapproved substances into human beings without their informed consent and vaccine passports. Federal employees and service members are also being beset upon with forced inoculations of these very dangerous experimental and unapproved snake oil “vaccines”.

    1. Robert, I agree, and even after the puppet fda “approves” them the “vaccines” will still be just as deadly as they are now!!!!!!!!!!