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by Bob Russell ©2021 

Merrick Garland, public domain

(Aug. 6, 2021) — It is very apparent to anyone paying attention that courts are mostly useless.  The devildemocommiecrats ignore any court decision that goes against their tyrannical agenda while demanding that patriots follow their edicts to the letter.  Merrick Garland, the radical anti-American appointed as Attorney General by the morally corrupt, mentally deficient, illegitimate usurper in the oval office, has threatened jail and fines against anyone who organizes or promotes forensic audits that will prove the vote FRAUD that put joe dementia in the position to finish the destruction of the Constitutional Republic established by our founding fathers.  Garland knows the election was stolen through massive FRAUD by devildemocommiecrats and aided by the deep state gop establishment that did anything they could to prevent President Trump from exposing their corrupt practices that hurt We the People.

I not only call for forensic audits in any state that had questionable practices but DEMAND that the truth be found and publicized.  My right as a citizen to have legal elections that carry out the will of We the People is being subverted by people imposing dictatorial power over us.  The anti-God, anti-American satanic left in America wants total control over every aspect of life so they can implement their satanic new world order global dictatorship. 

The left regularly ignores any court decision they don’t like, for instance, the illegal-alien invasion being carried out by the devildemocommiecrats right now.  Court decisions are only for We the People, those of us who believe in government living by the Constitution, to obey when those decisions go against said Constitution.

People who were in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021 are still being arrested, whether or not they entered the Capitol, while the antifa plants who actually vandalized the building walk free with no danger of being prosecuted.  Questions have been raised about FBI involvement in the incident, but the devildemocommiecrats aren’t the least bit interested in finding the truth about what happened.  I have seen videos of people being waved into the building by Capitol Police officers who were holding doors open and waving their arms for people to enter.  John Sullivan, the antifa thug who admits he was there, was arrested but freed very quickly even though there is video of him doing damage and urging people to commit violent acts. There are 14,000 hours of video that they refuse to release because it will show that what happened there that day doesn’t match the narrative the left is spouting.  The satanic left is determined to destroy President Trump, his 75 million supporters, and what is left of the Constitutional Republic that is America.

Videos taken on cell phones show barriers being moved and doors being held open by Capitol Police, and busloads of  black jumpsuit-clad rioters with shields, climbing ropes, and riot helmets being guided in and unloaded, but the satanists in control don’t want official proof that they can’t deny.  Leftists falsely claim that charges of vote FRAUD have been dismissed by courts, but that isn’t true.  Refusing to hear testimony by claiming “lack of standing” of complainants IS NOT proving the charges are false.  How can legal citizens not have standing to demand fair elections?  The 2020 election farce is reminiscent of “elections” in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and communist China.

God is still on the Throne but satan sits in the seats of authority in America.  Until We the People return Almighty God to the place our founders put Him in, our nation will continue to falter until it has been devolved into tyranny and communism becomes the way of life in the land.  Fuhrer obama nominated garland for the supreme court but he was not confirmed due to senate republicans’ refusal to hold a hearing.  Now garland is abusing his office in order to further the evil agenda of his satanic friends. 

Freedom ceases to exist when the ruling class ignores the rule of law and imposes its will on citizens, as has been done in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, communist China, communist Cuba, and countless other despotic hellholes of tyranny.  Devildemocommiecrats are working full-tilt to turn the USA into such a hellhole ruled over by them with the help of the equally corrupt deep state gop establishment headed by mcconnell and mccarthy.

Unless something is done about the sham “election” last November, and done soon, the experiment in a Republican form of government, begun after a bloody war against a tyrannical ruler and officially established in 1791 with the adoption of the Constitution, will be a mere footnote in history punctuated by tyranny at both ends of the experiment.  It’s too bad for the satanists that they don’t seem to be aware that satan only has seven years to terrorize the earth before Jesus comes back to cast him and his followers into the Lake of Fire.  I don’t know how long satan’s minions will be allowed to rule America before he officially takes over, but my understanding of the Holy Bible tells me that the final seven years is rapidly approaching.

The level of evil in America, and the world, is ramping up at a torrid pace.  America, once described as “a shining city on a hill,” has become a cesspool of depravity where Christians are vilified and ostracized on the way to facing physical persecution as that experienced by 1st-century Christians and those who have lived under fascism, communism, and the satanic cult called islam.  Devildemocommiecrats are moving that way as fast as they can run, seeking to either poison us with so-called “covid vaccines” or starve us to death for refusing to submit to their poison injections.  The FEMA death camps were built, staffed, and stocked by the gop establishment hack george w. bush so they would be ready when the political ruling class made its move against us.  The usurper joe dementia threatened to use F-15 jets and nuclear weapons against dissenters when he said that anyone who opposes his regime will need such weapons to even begin to go against his tyranny. 

Truth is labeled as “misinformation” by the tyrants and their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, speaking of morality is labeled as “hate speech,” and espousing equal treatment of all people is labeled as “racism” by the true haters.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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    1. Two of the current Supreme Court Justices were appointed by the ineligible Barack Hussein Obama and approved by Congress, both parties. Both parties are IMO complicit in the Obama Fraud which effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies from the inside, using the Soros puppet, Barack Hussein Obama. It worked, and America is almost destroyed……..Both parties expected the planned in 2008 after Obama cover president of Hillary Clinton to be elected and when Donald Trump, Obama’s biggest nemesis was elected instead, both parties were anti-Trump because they both fear the truth about Barry. The Democrats are usually more overtly anti-Trump, but the Republicans wanted him out of office also…to protect themselves from being found guilty in the Obama fraud…………….a bigger crime is hard to imagine……..