August 5, 2021

Dear Editor,

So Mornington Shire councillor and Aussie actor (a “master of make-believe”) Paul Mercurio, of Italian-American descent, wants to betray his and his forebears’ Christian heritage by ending the saying of The Lord’s Prayer in the Victorian Parliament, the parliament of Judeo-Christian-based Western Society Australia’s second-biggest state (even though Jewish-born Jesus Christ is a great prophet in Islam)?

How many Aussies of Italian and American (Uncle Len Hutchins, of Mornington, served on HMAS Australia with America’s Seventh Fleet in the defence of Australia during WWII) descent feel betrayed by Mercurio?

Our four youngest grandchildren have a wonderful “Nona”: a mother of five children, given to Australia as five of the most precious gifts possible – five little New Aussies (at a time when social welfare and other taxpayer support was virtually non-existent compared to today)!

Look at the so many very wonderful gains brought to all Australians of all backgrounds by Italians of predominantly Christian beliefs (with so many who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars)!

And all Italian/Aussies will be eager to protect Australia’s Christian heritage, as they will get great support from New Aussies arriving from China (now with over 100 million Christians); Africa (over 700 million Christians); South America (400 million Christians); and Southeast Asia (some 385 million Christians) of which Paul Mercurio should be firmly made aware!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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