by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 31, 2021) — Dr. Robert Malone, originator of mRNA vaccines, is speaking Saturday morning with former White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro and Stephen K. Bannon, host of “War Room,” about the risks of coronavirus vaccines. The broadcast can be heard live here:

Malone previously spoke with Bannon on Wednesday on the same topic.

At 10:25 a.m. EDT, Malone said the public is not being informed of the risks of the vaccines, which constitute “gene therapy.” Risks include “blood-clotting problems” and a “drop in platelets which can be quite life-threatening…,” Malone said. “We have a wide variety of blood-clotting problems” from both the disease and the vaccines, he said.

COVID-19 vaccines inject a “spike protein” into the individual, Malone explained.

When Navarro asked Malone if the FDA should officially “approve” the COVID vaccines at this time beyond emergency use authorization use (EUA), Malone said, “Absolutely not.” He said “clinical trials” carried out on coronavirus vaccines beginning last year eliminated data on the development of potentially harmful “antibodies” stemming from them.

Australia, France and Pakistan are tightening restrictions on non-vaccinated individuals, Bannon reported, in the wake of the CDC’s report Friday that vaccinated persons can also spread COVID-19, particularly the “Delta” variant.

The vaccine is “leaky,” Malone said, meaning that variants are emerging despite widespread vaccination.

Though a “democracy,” Navarro stressed, Australia is using its military to enforce new lockdowns.

The CDC’s Friday announcement followed its “guidance” Wednesday that both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals wear masks indoors in the wake of rising coronavirus cases in some areas.

NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci has not commented on the CDC’s revelations, Bannon observed. Malone, for his part, said the government has been “caught in the lie.”

Pfizer has a new drug candidate to treat coronavirus, Malone said, which he opined is the company’s admission that “the vaccine isn’t good enough.”

All three men agreed that going forward, the approach toward COVID-19 needs to be “science-based” and not injected with “totalitarian” edicts and assumptions, particularly on the part of the media.

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  1. The narrative of Fauci and others follows a defined template that has nothing to do with the facts on the ground. It is this split between facts and narrative that has a number of people confused.

    Somehow, a narrative that integrates the facts needs to broadcast to a wide audience.