by Bob Russell, ©2021

(Jul. 28, 2021) — One thing I have noticed, especially since the coronavirus scamdemic, is that the satanic left will do absolutely anything to keep the control they seized in the coup pulled off in the corruption-plagued 2020 election.  The new world order global dictatorship cabal successfully cheated its way into control of the oval office and the senate through vote fraud. Using the scamdemic as part of their plan, they installed the very corrupt, mentally-deficient joe biden and the ineligible whore into office to finish the destruction begun by the equally ineligible and corrupt barak obama.  They intended for hitlery clinton to finish it after the 2016 election but their plan to cheat We the People then did not succeed.  They spent the following years trying to destroy President Trump with lies while improving on their cheat plan for 2020, a plan that worked with the help of deep state gop establishment TRAITORS like mike pence and state officials who appear to have been bought by the soros/gates-financed cartel.

President Trump was banned from facebook for spreading “misinformation” about the election FRAUD, massive FRAUD that has been proven to have occurred.  Leftists say lawsuits have been dismissed but the truth is that judges refused to hear them on technicalities so they wouldn’t be forced to look at the evidence.  The Trump team has nearly 1,000 affidavits, many from democrat poll-watchers, that state they observed improper actions on the part of devildemocommiecrat operatives and voting rules were illegally changed to benefit the FRAUD process.  As part of the cheat, GOP poll watchers were removed from their stations by police, some removed in handcuffs; windows were blocked to prevent even long-distance observation; ballots were delivered in the wee hours of the morning in vehicles with biden placards on them; ballots were run through counting machines multiple times; voters who had moved were recorded as illegally voting in precincts they no longer lived in; and boxes of ballots were pulled from under tables and recorded after counting had been stopped for the night. There were other irregular, illegal actions that were observed or recorded by cameras.

In Philadelphia we went to bed on November 3, after counting had been paused for the night, with President Trump ahead by more than 300,000 votes.  When counting was resumed on November 4 the count stood at biden ahead by more than 400,000 votes.  How did biden gain more than 700,000 votes while counting was stopped?  I only have a high school education but I can see the fallacy in that.

Devildemocommiecrats are also pulling out all the tricks they can to stop or prevent forensic audits that will show without a doubt whether there were illegal votes counted or not and whether vote-counting machines were compromised through internet connections.  If they were as innocent as they claim they would be putting all their efforts into helping the auditors prove there was no fraud.  Criminals spend their time trying to hide their crimes, not trying to prove innocence, and that is exactly what the satanic left is doing, trying to keep their crimes hidden, but We the People are onto them.

The biden regime wasted no time in starting the destructive process, with biden spending his entire first week undoing all the positive accomplishments of President Trump’s term.  He cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline and stopped all oil drilling while approving two pipelines from Russia to Europe.  He also reversed the border policies that had virtually stopped illegal crossings of migrants, terrorists, and drugs from Mexico, leading to the worst humanitarian crisis on the southern border in history.  The lockdowns in devildemocommiecrat-run states have destroyed thousands of small businesses, leading to unprecedented unemployment.  Now businesses can’t get people to accept available jobs because the biden regime is paying them more to not work than they can earn at a job.  The $15 hour minimum wage is causing fast food establishments to install terminals to take orders rather than hiring high school, college students and senior citizens seeking to supplement their social security or small retirement pensions to do the work.

They are also borrowing money from communist China and printing money as fast as they can with the intention of collapsing the economy through massive inflation that will harm We the People but not the political hacks who are immune to inflation because they can steal all they want from the treasury.  The biden regime has also reentered global agreements that are very beneficial to our enemies while hurting America immensely.

Conservatives/patriots are either suspended or banned from social media by “big tech” on a daily basis for having the temerity to post truth that negates the satanic narrative and agenda.  Truth blows the leftist lies out of the water and they will not allow people who post the truth to interfere with their plans.  The mainstream media, no longer the watchdogs over government they are supposed to be, are in cahoots with the satanic devildemocommiecrats, covering up corruption and “carrying the water,” as the saying goes, for the devildemocommiecrat party.  They have repeatedly parroted lies that they know are lies to discredit President Trump and all of the 75 million people who voted for him in 2020.  It is corruption that is systemic, not racism as the left claims.  The left can silence We the People for a while but they can’t hide the very obvious decline in the standard of living citizens are seeing firsthand.

While ranting about locking down society to “prevent the spread of coronavirus” the devildemocommiecrats are importing thousands of carriers across the southern border and using taxpayer money to distribute them throughout the country.  While demanding every citizen submit to vaccinations that are unproven for safety the devildemocommiecrats are not demanding that migrants take the vaccine. 

I believe the vaccine push has two objectives, the first being to subjugate We the People to tyranny and the second to implement their “depopulation” scheme.  The leftist “environmentalists” say the world population needs to be cut back but America is the only country expected to lower its standard of living and solve the “climate change” lie while the nations creating the most pollution are exempt from regulations designed to “solve the problem.”  If stopping global climate change was really the goal they would be going after the polluters but they aren’t doing that so the apparent goal is the destruction of America and the subjugation of its citizens under the new world order global dictatorship ruled by satan.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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