by Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, ©2021 

(Jul. 27, 2021) — In the 1990s, religion became the center of attention for the radical green movement with the establishment of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE). Now, worshiping the creation instead of the creator would be the root of religion united throughout the world. After all, Christianity was the root of western culture and had to be eliminated if we were going to save the environment.

For the past three decades the NRPE, which operates out of a United Nations-sanctioned Non-governmental organization (NGO) called the Temple of Understanding, has been the driving force behind the assault on Christianity. The Partnership is a formal agreement among four of the nation’s largest religious organizations, including the U.S. Catholic Conference, National Council of Churches, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. In addition, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) holds a special “consultative” relationship with the Partnership. Funding comes from (among others) Pew Charitable Trusts, Stephen C. Rockefeller, and W. Alton Jones Foundation.

The former Executive Director of the Partnership, Paul Gorman, said, “…how people of faith engage the environment crisis will have much to do with the future well-being of the planet, and in all likelihood, with the future of religious life as well.

Today, NRPE’s efforts to impose its pagan framework into religious doctrine finds an overwhelming number of Christian churches accepting and promoting the Left’s radical WOKE propaganda agenda designed to promote victimhood and divide the races through the lie of environmental racism.

One of the most recent examples of misguided messaging pouring out of the new Christianity comes from a so-called “Adult Education Curriculum” produced by the National Council of Churches entitled, African Americans and Climate Change, and is listed under their category of “Eco-Justice.”  The policy taught in the program is directly related to the Biden Infrastructure plan designed to destroy private property ownership and control. Why? Because it’s racist, of course! 

This new curriculum document includes instruction for organizing and hosting sessions for facilitating the pre-selected conclusion with Black church members that “African Americans are disproportionately impacted by climate change.” The class is first asked to write on a piece of paper this statement: African Americans in particular should be concerned about the issue of climate change.  Then the are to put an X next to either Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree. Then the facilitator is instructed to host a discussion where each participant’s opinion is now – at the start of the class. That’s how the facilitation setup works – know who’s with you and who isn’t.

Next are a series of statements to be asked, with each participant answering whether they are true or false. Interestingly, the teaching document for the facilitator provides the correct answer – according to the doctrine. The statements include the usual positions on how climate change is the release of carbon dioxide and how 90% of all scientists agree it’s all caused by man. Each answer to these statements is marked true.

Then there are statements (with their predetermined answers) like these: Climate Change has a direct impact on ministry in our churches (true); Climate change does not impact the cost of housing (false); Unemployment and economic hardship associated with climate change will fall most heavily on the African American community (true); There is a direct connection between social justice, economic justice, and climate change (true).

Once the setup is established, there follows an intense discussion on all the usual climate change propaganda, particularly focusing on the suggestion that “heat waves will increase. Air pollution increases, and infectious diseases spread, under climate change.” The obvious purpose for this line of statements is this position, “Most people don’t think of climate change as a public health issue, and not as one that particularly affects African Americans.” Heat waves,” says the curriculum, “have stronger effects on urban populations, and especially the urban poor, African Americans are nearly twice as likely as whites to live in poverty.”  There it is! The full purpose of this propaganda coming from the official doctrine of the church!

Of course, none of these climate change charges, presented as facts are true. Climate Change alarmists claim that about 2700 scientists agree with them and that these represent about 97% of all scientists. And so, they claim, it is an undisputable fact. But the fact is, there is no consensus in the scientific community over Climate Change. A U.S. Senate minority report says more than 650 scientists express dissent over man-made global warming claims. In addition, over 30,000 scientists have signed onto a petition that says there is no convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gasses causes or will … cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.

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  1. “environmentalism” is a form of paganism. People who worship creation instead of the Creator ar pagans on their way to eternal punishment for their paganism. I have no problem with behaving responsibly where the environment is concerned, I don’t litter, pollute water, or waste resources such as electricity, gasoline, or any other natural resource. I respect the environment and do what I can to preserve it but don’t worship it. The “mother earth” scam is paganism foisted on children to distract them from the worship of Almighty God, the Creator of all things. One can act responsibly without turning it to “worship” and that is what I do to the best of my ability. I feel a responsibility to be a good steward of the resources God has given me to use, as the Holy Bible says we should be.