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by Clant Seay, aka BillyGoBoy, ©2021

(Jul. 28, 2021) — SIX YEARS AGO TODAY – JULY 28, 2015 – A call was made from Ms. Tawnee Preisner, Founder of Horse Plus Humane Society to Mr. Clant M. Seay, Founder of the Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty. “Gen’s Ice Glimmer” was at a public auction in Cookeville, TN, where killer buyers were waiting to bid on him and load him on a waiting trailer to head to a slaughter plant in Mexico. Horse Plus Humane Society and CCABLAC partnered that day to save “Gen’s Ice Glimmer”, and the rest is history.  

When CCABLAC received the call from Horse Plus that fateful day, this pledge was made: “We will save Glimmer, and then we will fight for him to be sure the world knows what the Big Lick did to him, and to see that this is never done to another Tennessee Walking Horse in the name of “tradition” or “family entertainment” or to “raise money for charity”.

Here is historic photo of “Glimmer’s” scarred feet taken by Ms Preisner and texted to Mr. Seay on July 28,  2015.    His response was:  “Where Are You”?  What am I looking at?” “We will buy him”.

“Gen’s Ice Glimmer” – Wilson Mule & Auction-Cookeville, TN – July 28, 2015

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