July 24, 2021

Dear Editor,

It’s been pointed out the far, far greater odds (nearing 1,000 times greater chance) of being killed in a pranged car than when being pinged  by an AstraZeneca jab!

Fact: In our later 70s, my wife and I have had both our AstraZeneca jabs with no more than slight aphrodisiac after-effects each time. Our three middle-aged daughters (and how they’ll love that description) have reported no such (or any other) after-effects following  their AstraZeneca jabs!

But wait, all you “with more hangups than an Imelda Marcos wardrobe” anti-vaxxers, and other assorted nervous-Nellies…

Our extremely healthy, athletic, 22-years-old granddaughter felt real crook after her first anti-COVID-19 jab and has been really knocked for six (bedridden) over the past few days after just having her second jab of…Pfizer!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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