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(Jul. 24, 2021) — Every morning I cross out the day before on the calendar in my bathroom. So January 6th was a Wednesday, trash pickup day. On Thursday, the following day, I crossed out Wednesday: trash was picked up.

Anything else happened that day? Some protesters against the fraud of an election walked around Washington and some went into the Capitol building — a woman was shot and killed, but other than that it was just another day in America.

If you said more were killed in Chicago that day or in St. Louis, you would be right. If you said that in the whole rotten scheme of things, January 6th was just another day in the life of our country, you’d be right, and if anybody says any different, then they are pushing something that isn’t true, which makes them a cotton-pickin’ liar.

I think Biden-Harris are cotton-pickin’ liars.


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  1. Official communiqué to Zyklon;

    The NAZIs blamed all who they deemed “dissidents, terrorists, those who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid, believers in the – German – Constitution” for the fire of the Reichstag building in 1933 and, consequently, tested the feasibility of rounding-up all those who were “in their way” by mass arrests and illegal incarceration.

    It has been widely reported by ‘Pulse’, the most popular information show in its time slot, that the Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) Administration employed the same tactics that the Nazis did when they took over Germany.

    If one accused OPOVV of writing in an oblique and a somewhat lackadaisical and languid manner, one may be correct. It seems that all of us don’t know the name of Achilles’ pet turtle (if he even had one) so let me just say that the United States government is made up of many who do not pay the least homage to its Constitution and the rule of law. These people do whatever their Masters tell them to do.

    There are many rules and regulations in the military, but the most important one by a country mile is: DO NOT FOLLOW AN ILLEGAL ORDER.

    If the government goons (GESTAPO) break into your house at three in the morning or at 3 in the afternoon, the American people have the Constitutional right to protect themselves against unreasonable searched and seizures, and “being arrested” is the ultimate seizure.

    Fair warning to the goons as a reminder that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with protecting against rabid raccoons as much as it was designed to protect against those infected with “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

    In conclusion, the US government (FBI, DOJ) is just using the January 6th capitol protest as a sorry and weak excuse to bypass the rule of law. As of now, there is a double standard operating within the United States and it will destroy the country faster than a Chinese Blitzkreig.


  2. Wednesday 01/06/2021: “Some people did something.”

    Thursday 01/07/2021: Trash pick-up day.

    January 2021: 15 murders in Washington D.C. — not including Ashlie Babbitt.

    Year-to-Date: 118 murders in Washington D.C. — murder-rate up 45% over last year’s 16-year high.

    Biden-Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT & WaPo ARE cotton-pickin’ liars!