by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021 

(Jul. 22, 2021) — Please tell me, people, you won’t be that gullible, stupid or afraid.  Biden is preparing hundreds of millions of dollars in a PR rollout soon to put signs, commercials, billboards, veiled threats, bribes and rewards, door to door, this and that to get us.

We will see and hear the usual lies and veiled statements.  There will be a dramatic push (if he can get away with it) for non-vaccinated people to be cut off of many events, much employment, perhaps shopping, traveling, flying and wherever he can trap and keep out the non-vaccinated.  This would involve a sea of well-lit-up lies to support the Communist boxes he wants to put us in, “We must save lives, the children, stop the pandemic from destroying the world, and the unvaccinated won’t do their part, they don’t care”…on and on, blah, blah and triple blah!

No doubt, the coming, massively-funded PR campaign will light up all kinds of media everywhere and controlled government and state agencies which will shine brightly with their veiled threats like the parades and marches Hitler craved. He will indoctrinate an entire nation that taking vaccines is our duty and good. It is the desperate, last choice to save our nation and very future.  Soon, all those against taking vaccines will be deemed domestic terrorists, followed by arrests.  This step will come if we all don’t stand and push back now!

We aren’t there yet, folks, but we are now starting down that dangerous road with the bold and unconstitutional push to get the last 15% who don’t want the vaccines.  Just what do they do when we do our own research and say “no” again?  Is that when the total boxes come up saying we can’t work in most places, shop in most places, travel and attend events? 

Should the coming PR campaign do exactly what I believe it will do, bomb, Biden and his Communist handlers will play the even more unconstitutional, illegal and Hitlerian card and make the door-to-door requests and billboard pleas.  He will turn his efforts into threats and violence to get us.  If he pulls that card, there will be a national war, unless of course, most of you cave in to fear, bribery or threats and take the deadly jab.  Who are you and what will you do? 

If you cave in, they will have won on the dark side and you will have helped them do it.  You will have sold your freedom and with the deadly vaccine floating through your bodies, have a bit of time to ponder the loss of America and freedom while you await your demise with a non-functioning immune system.

Exercise your constitutional rights.  Stand without the vaccination under any circumstances and fight for your country.  Hannity, other Christian leaders trying to manipulate their base on Christian shows and droves of politicians are not only wrong, but wicked in their statements linking the vaccines to God’s blessing and provision for America.  Wow, as a Christian and daughter of a retired pastor, linking yourself in any way to God is no less than satanic and stark evil. 

The truth is, God did not send vaccines that would soon kill all who took them.  He did not send the Democrat/Communist left who inhaled the Covid-19 bioweapon to manipulate the world to shut down; Satan and his demon followers did.  This is a known and evil plan to depopulate the world.  We have heard of this evil goal from the Dems such as Bill Gates and a host of others for decades.

I beg you, don’t be seduced by the “urgent pleadings to make a difference” or the statements to “do your part in saving lives, maybe yours and your children.” Don’t buy the bribes of free beer, free gas, paid-off bills, money in the bank…  Don’t buy any of it.  Following the PR manipulation to come, get ready for the bold and illegal threats to force you out of society and make you take it.

I believe Trump and the military have never left and will come back and make all right sooner than you may think.  I have heard from my military source that Trump knows he was massively lied to by Fauci, the CDC and all his medical advisors on Covid-19 and the need for vaccines.  I was told by a top military source that he is working aggressively to right this situation and create a healthy solution for those who have taken the vaccine in good faith and are now sitting ducks.

Be a classic, Christian American who wins and stand with me for our constitutional rights, the truth in science, and our right to say “no.” 

Biden can spend hundreds of millions to manipulate, bribe, threaten and lie more to Americans but this American has something to say to him and the “big push”: “NO!”

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  1. Dr. Laurie Roth,

    I am the only member of my family (4 siblings, 2 in-laws, 4 nephews and nieces) to have been hospitalized with COVID-19 (“on the fence” in the AICU for a week then the ICU for a week). I am also the only member of my family to have not been vaccinated.

    I won’t be that gullible, stupid or afraid.

    NO I WON’T!