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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021

(Jul. 21, 2021) — Sean Hannity and most other Fox hosts are now urging the masses to get the Covid-19 vaccines.  I am not surprised, having listened to Hannity and others on Fox spewing out increasingly compromised statements not reflecting the real truth nor conservative thinking.

Hannity said on his radio show recently that Trump will never come back due to the independent legislatures in each swing state that would be likely to vote against Trump, even in the face of total fraud. I then heard him say that even if it went all the way to the Supreme Court, since it is controlled by liberal Roberts, Trump would be voted down there also.  Hannity is certainly no friend of Trump, the truth or solving this election crime and lie.  Fixing this should be front and center with any voices in media not compromised or empty talks of future reforms.

In addition, I have heard Hannity question many times on his shows COVID-19 as not even being real and a contrived threat.  He has downplayed the pandemic danger.  Magically now, Hannity and most other Fox hosts are pushing for all to take the vaccines.  What, to protect us from a fake pandemic that is really just the flu?   So far, high-ratings Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are still on the fence and not trying to cram it down our throats yet.

Most know that Fox News is now fake news and not at all what it used to be.  They showed their compromised and dirty hands during the 2020 election when Bret Baier called Arizona for Biden way too soon, showing a leaning toward Biden instead of the truth.

Back to Compromised Hannity

He states how he just doesn’t want to see anyone else die and that he supports the “science” of vaccines.  Really?  Apparently, Hannity reads the science of those publishing under Mad Magazine and other comic strips.  Before his sellout voice screams anymore vaccine lies and propaganda, he should listen to real internationally-acclaimed vaccine scientists who scream not to take it and that it is deadly dangerous.  It destroys our immune systems and makes us vulnerable in the near future to anything else that would attack us.

One whistleblower claims that at least 45,000 people have already died due to taking the unsafe Covid-19 vaccines.  This number reflected only one path of medical data collections, and the whistleblower thought it reflected only a fraction of the deaths unfolding.

Real science and facts are in our faces, no thanks to Biden, most politicians and the media.  Covid-19 has never been a real pandemic and only has a 1% death rate.  There never was a need for any vaccine, yet there was a big push to create them and apparently experiment with them on the people around the world.

Hannity says he stands by vaccine science; rather, he and Fox stand by the left’s goal of depopulation, lies and anti-Trump truth.

As I have screamed many times, do not take any of the vaccines!   Listen to the real scientific video linked above in my article and don’t rape your immune system.  Some have said back to me, “Most people I know have gotten the vaccines and feel fine,” questioning the danger.  Though according to a whistleblower working behind the scenes, 45,000 have died in just three days, masses more seem just fine but they are not.  Their immune systems are being neutered and won’t work the next time they need them.  They are now sitting ducks.

Shame on all in media and political power positions who are manipulating and misleading the public.  They will have millions of deaths on their hands.  Don’t stupidly obey the vaccine push.  Stand and live.

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  1. I quit watching his tv show and stopped listening to his radio show 7 years ago because he was beginning to pander too much for me. he had a bad habit of “going along to get along” with libtards!!!!!!

  2. The media and many politicians are trying to force the issue. They WANT everyone to get the vaccine. Why? There may be a sinister reason. These are experimental substances. They are not approved. If one mentions ANY information contrary to what the vaccine propagandists are pushing on poorly informed and gullible or ill informed people then he/she is ostracized.

    There is a plethora of reports that support the assertion that the Sars-Covid-2 virus IS indeed a bio-weapon and that it was manufactured IN A LAB. The “virus AND the vaccines are bioweapons” states Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D. ,Professor of Medicine at Baylor University, Vice-Chief of Internal Medicine, Epidemiologist, Cardiologist and Internist. He has (600) citations in the National Library of Medicine and is “the most extensively mentioned Physician in the treatment of Covid-19.