July 18, 2021

Dear Editor,

Photo: Liz Cambage, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 2.0

Emotional illnesses, like all other illnesses, have degrees of seriousness, and sufferers must be provided great support and understanding when needed.

However, I’m somewhat ambivalent towards perpetual attention-seeking, “Australia-does-not-represent-me”-type whinging and common-courtesy-offending, Opals drama queen Olympic champion Liz Campage’s latest hissy-fit.  Campage has pulled out of representing Australia at the  Tokyo Olympics after going on yet another poor behaviour rampage now being investigated by officials.

Campage’s Olympic Games desertion of her long-suffering Opals teammates and her Olympic career funded by Australian taxpayers is best summed up (HS, 17/7) by Opals three-times Olympian legend Michele Timms’s Facebook comment: “Enough is enough”!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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