by Tom Arnold, ©2021


(Jul. 17, 2021) — Don Lemon is the host/moderator for CNN’s town hall with President Biden in Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday, July 21.  Here are some suggested topics and questions:

First, what is the definition of an “undocumented immigrant?”  By the way, the definition is easy to find on the internet, and I, a mere American citizen, have already looked and gotten the answer.
Next, is it LEGAL to be an undocumented immigrant who has “crossed the border” without inspection and proper permission from the U.S. Government?
Next,  do your “Executive Orders” and “memoranda” supersede the Constitution and immigration laws of the United States? If so, how does that work?
Next, is it true that you, commander-in-chief Biden, have approved flights (military flights at taxpayers’ expense) out of Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas, secretly carrying undocumented immigrants to random locations for resettlement or “sanctuary” across the United States?
So, isn’t it a fact that you and your administration are unlawfully aiding and abetting the violation of our country’s immigration laws? Do you consider this a crime against the United States and those of us who are law-abiding citizens? If not, then what do you call it?
And, what should your punishment be? Impeachment? Censure? Removal from office? Appointment of a special prosecutor (an honest bipartisan one, assuming there is such a thing!) to determine your guilt or innocence and what should be done about it?
Continuing, President Biden, what exact role and activities are being carried out behind the scenes in your administration by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA?  Note that Obama was not on the 2020 ballot.  Does this mean that, for all practical purposes, we “elected” someone to be our leader and decision-maker who we were not aware we were voting for?  Would you call this “fraud?” 
Speaking of elections, isn’t it a fact that it was a huge upset when you, Joe Biden, defeated incumbent Delaware U.S. Senator Cale Boggs in 1972?  Also, isn’t it a fact that Senator Boggs’s campaign that year was unlawfully interfered with and prevented from winning by the actions of the Teamsters Union, in the person primarily of Mafia hit-man Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (who years later confessed to having murdered Jimmy Hoffa and taking part in disposing of Hoffa’s body)? 
Next, why, after a long history (including 44 years in political office) of advocacy for segregation, racism, and white supremacy, are you now espousing “racial equity” and “wokeness?”  Do you even know what those two words mean?  Define them, please.
How has your family become wealthy while you ostensibly have had no other employment or income except that which has been provided to you by taxpayers?  Isn’t it true that you and your family obtained most of your wealth by grift and selling your name, influence, and access to our country and its government?  YOU ARE “THE BIG GUY,” AREN’T YOU?

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