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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 10, 2021) — On Saturday evening, 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump issued a statement through his “Save America” website berating the “Lamestream Media” for its reporting of claims of election fraud in last November’s presidential election, predicted election revelations soon to come from at least three states, and claimed that “people and facts are coming out at a level which can only be called ‘fast and furious.’”

Fast and Furious” was the name given to the operation, authorized by the Obama regime, of purposely selling firearms to known criminals to reportedly track their transfer to other criminals. At least one such weapon was confirmed as having been used to murder an American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, in 2010.

The media’s insistence that “no evidence of voter fraud” has been identified, Trump said in his missive, is “fake.” Rather, he said, “Massive evidence has been accumulated which shows voter fraud at a level that is virtually beyond comprehension. The Radical left writers say this nonsense over and over again, and so does the Fake News Media.”

His reference to “35,000 votes in the great State of Georgia” is likely to an article published on Friday by Margot Cleveland at The Federalist which reported, citing a recent investigation by Data Productions Inc. president Mark Davis, of a potential 35,000 illegally-cast votes evidenced by registered address changes of Georgians who moved from one county to another prior to the election but in whose names votes were cast in their original county.

In Maricopa County, AZ, a forensic audit of the November 2 election has reportedly been completed, with a report possibly expected next month. Based on that model, last week Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano launched an audit of the Commonwealth’s 2020 election and 2021 primary, stating it was necessary to restore Pennsylvanians’ confidence in the election process.

Earlier this year in Windham, NH, significant “discrepancies” were found between machine tabulations and a hand recount of ballots involving several races which one analyst said:

I believe the preliminary results of the forensic audit of the Windham, NH voting machines as configured on November 3, 2020, show the aging Diebold ES2000 Model A Voting Machines cannot be trusted.

And by extension… potentially the elections across the state of New Hampshire as well.

A May 17 report from WMUR stated, “Independent auditors examining vote discrepancies in the 2020 state representative race in Windham are zeroing in on fold lines across ballots as a potential explanation for significant changes in vote tallies from the November machine count and a subsequent hand recount.”

An Associated Press article dated May 27 reported:

There is no evidence of fraud or political bias in a controversial New Hampshire election where a recount and audit has drawn the interest of former President Donald Trump, auditors concluded Thursday.

Rather, auditors investigating the election in the town of Windham believe a folding machine used by the town to try to accommodate the numbers of absentee ballots in the November election is responsible for mistakenly adding to vote counts for candidates in four legislative seats.

Without citing any investigations of its own, the mainstream media has consistently reported that Trump’s claims of massive election fraud are “baseless” and “false.”

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