by Robert C. Laity, ©2021

(Jul. 4, 2021) — Reflecting on Benjamin Franklin’s words 245 years ago, “We have a republic if we can keep it,” “We the People” have managed to “keep” the United States Republic going since he made that famous statement. The question now, in 2021, is will “We the People” continue to be strong enough and patriotic enough to “keep” our American Constitutional Democratic Republic much longer?

The United States is at a crossroads. We are under siege by anti-American operatives. They are attacking the United States of America from within and without.  We have a President now who has opened the borders as wide as he possibly could. He is allowing a massive invasion of unknown persons of all ages and persuasions, all ideologies and beliefs.  It is also known that he kow-tows to the nation’s enemies such as China, BLM, Antifa, Islamists, Communists, Socialists and those who are actively seeking the downfall of this great nation.

Literature and books that have long been enjoyed and read by countless Americans are now considered abusive and racist. Our history is being systematically erased.

Certain books are being taken off school reading lists and some books are not even going to be published again. Several Dr. Seuss books, for example, are being discontinued.

Historical statues, even of certain United States Presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt and Ulysses S. Grant, are being taken down. Statues that sat undisturbed for centuries are now being removed, even from the halls of Congress.  Congress has become a fortress surrounded by barbed-wired fences and guarded by fellow Americans against fellow Americans.

Our Presidency and Vice-Presidency have been usurped by frauds and criminals. Our prisons are being emptied illegally and the residents thereof being released to hurt others again. They are being released on their own recognizance without any bail.

Those criminals who have breached our borders and have been deported are being granted a chance to come back to the United States. Amnesty of all illegal aliens is being advocated.

The stench of corruption in our government, particularly from the Democrat “Socialist” Party, is worse (if you can imagine) than “Stench soup.” It was described by Mary Roach, science writer and author of “Grunt: The curious science of humans at war” as “Satan on a throne of rotting onions.”  You get the picture.  The question is how long are “We the People” going to tolerate this overt effort by several well-known despotic wannabe dictators to dismantle our freedom-loving, God-fearing Republic? 

Joseph Biden has breached his duty to America. He has violated his oath of office.

Kamala Harris has usurped the Vice-Presidency. Nancy Pelosi helped Barack Obama usurp the Presidency with Joe Biden’s acquiescence to the major fraud. These people are all in line under the Presidential Succession Act to be President.

Not to mention Patrick Leahy is next in line after Pelosi. He held an unconstitutional impeachment trial against a prior president who wasn’t in office.

The corruption is deeply entrenched in our government. If we are not “ever vigilant” as our founders warned we should be, then the U.S. will fall the way of other nations which did not preserve their freedoms and liberties. Thomas Paine said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” 

God bless and keep America. Have a very blessed and happy Independence Day celebration with your family and friends.  It is the duty of every American to carry the torch of freedom and to pass it on to posterity.


Robert C. Laity is a Navy veteran and Founder and President of the Society for the Preservation of our American Republic. An active First-Amendment petitioner, he resides in Upstate New York.

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    As we observe our American Independence Day
    it is heartening to reflect Young Americans
    have answered the call and are running to the battle,
    to preserve God-given Liberty & the American Republic!

    Should we doubt these facts, the following
    testimonies evince the plain truth –

    Young Americans are Awakened
    to their Birthright!

    Please see,


    “Featured: Alexandra Lains on
    Ungrateful Olympians 7/1/21”


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    Looking Nancy Pelosi in the Eye
    and Seeing Her HATRED of America”


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    Young Americans are what Globalists fear most.

    This is why they obsessively pursue tyranny now –
    hoping to squelch future American Freedom.

    Yet Liberty Rises.

    Thank you young Patriots. Stand Fast!

    Courage is Contagious!

    Happy Independence Day to you & yours!

    Liberty In Christ.