by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Jun. 24, 2021) —  First of all, this topic is impossible to fully discuss in an opinion article. Even if it were possible, I would not be the best student of history, the most articulate writer, and certainly not the “final word” on the subject. I am guided mostly by common sense, “gut feelings,” and what I believe to be THE TRUTH. My resume is modest, but does include a Bachelor’s Degree from an SEC university, a two-year stint in the military service, and a 30+-year career in law enforcement from which I now am retired. I also am a registered Independent voter whose family consisted of a long line of Democrats. Many were doctors, dentists, farmers, and some were ministers. Good people. When my paternal great-great grandfather passed away, he willed many of his possessions and some of his considerable farmland to people of color (“slaves”) who had been working for the family, some of whom stayed on and continued to work even though they had been “freed” several years earlier. 

Anyway, I am not going to focus this piece on racism.  No doubt it existed, and still does.  This is despite the progress which has been made over the past century and a half.  Proof of that, sorry that I have to tell you, exists in the person of none other than constitutionally-ineligible former President Barack Hussein Obama. Obama was not a natural born American citizen per Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of our U.S. Constitution.  Not only was he not a “real” president, but, contrary to popular belief, he was not the “first African- American” to hold the high office.  He was by far more Arab-American.  He also was a Muslim at one time (and likely still is) who practiced the Islamist religion and way of life.  Nevertheless, the American people were eager to believe his hustle, and elected him “president” two terms in succession.  You may be aware that forms of “reverse” racism also exist.  Now, though, let’s get on with the subject of where responsibility lies and who is to blame for the madness going on in our country today.

I will list a few of the culpable individuals and organizations, while sparing you much of the details and background on them:  widespread public corruption in our federal government; the Biden administration; the CIA (which groomed Obama for the presidency knowing full-well that he would be a Manchurian Candidate); the ineffective and complicit FBI (in cases of mass shootings, bombings, investigations involving famous persons or political figures, et al, you should be reminded to always ask, “What did the FBI know, and when did they know it?”); the U.S. Supreme Court, which has become politically active and chosen to look the other way when asked to review sensitive but urgently important and constitutionally relevant cases, often citing their contrived “no standing” excuse; the bitterly partisan, do-little-if-nothing U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; radical and often violent organizations such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter; George Soros and other wealthy and influential individuals, banking interests, and so-called secret (and some not-so-secret) societies, who promote socialism and new-world-order globalism; uninformed and disinterested American citizens; schools and universities who willfully indoctrinate students instead of educating them; and THE POLITICIZED AND FAKE NEWS MEDIA.  It is from the news media (the supposed Fourth Estate government watchdog on behalf of the citizenry) that I choose to draw examples of events that have greatly contributed to the sad state of affairs in our country today. 

FOX NEWS CHANNEL, for one, has a history of failing to report all of the facts and the entire truth regarding newsworthy events which to them are too politically sensitive or controversial.  As an example, you never hear them speak the words “natural born American citizen,” despite this arguably continuing to be the greatest and most important national security issue in our country, one which desperately needs the public’s attention (the Supreme Court’s attention, too, but that is another story alluded to above).  Be that as it may, I refer you to the two below-referenced websites.  They exemplify the news media’s responsibility for what is happening in our country today.  I know there is plenty of blame to go around, but this is a particularly brazen and journalistically unacceptable moment.

President Trump, while we’re at this, when you and O’Reilly are on “The History” speaking tour with each other, reportedly to take place later this year, please ask O’Reilly:  IF BARACK OBAMA WAS BORN IN HAWAII, AS HE CLAIMED HE PROVED (by birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers!), THEN WHY DOES HE HAVE A “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” WHICH IS A FORGERY?  SEVERAL DIFFERENT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS OVER THE YEARS?  A BACKDATED SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION FORM (military draft card)?  PERSONAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC BY HIS FIRST EXECUTIVE ORDER IN OFFICE AND THE CIA?  

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  1. And that’s the key, isn’t it? Exposing Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) and throwing his worthless cheap suit carcass in a cell in GITMO and let’s add John Brennan to the mix, and Chief Justice John Roberts and so on.
    Point is, let none escape.
    And then watch the Deep State run for the hills, scattering as roaches.
    Good editorial.

    Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

  2. @RobertBarnes the peasant militias in the USA could reclaim their functional sovereignty over the credentialed elites by becoming instant credentialed commissioned public officers themselves and fight the battles at the Secretary of State and county clerk level as well as at the county and state board of elections

    John Jay’s name sake Ad Hoc New Yorker Republican Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies and Cabals