by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 17, 2021) —  In an interview with radio host Justin Barclay on Thursday morning, Attorney Matt DePerno, who continues to pursue a lawsuit he filed in December against Antrim County, MI for alleged malfeasance on the part of public elections officials in the improper allocation of votes to Joe Biden rather than Donald J. Trump, said that although the Republican-majority Michigan legislature has been loath to visit the Maricopa County, AZ forensic election audit ongoing since April 23, they and other state legislators must “be prepared for what’s coming out of Arizona.”

As he had on Twitter, DePerno confirmed to Barclay, who is based in Michigan, that he delivered more than 7,000 affidavits to the state Capitol, where the legislature meets, in an effort to pressure lawmakers to conduct an audit of the 2020 general election similar to Maricopa County’s. “So far none of the drive-by media present to tell the story of 7,000 affidavits delivered to Michigan legislature to demand an audit of the statewide election results, which is a self-executing constitutional right,” DePerno wrote.

Of Michigan legislators’ reticence to visit the Maricopa County audit and consider organizing their own, DePerno said, “…What I’ve heard is they don’t want to see what’s out there, because if they see the actual evidence, they can no longer say they haven’t seen the evidence…But they’re not going to be able to avoid what’s coming, in my opinion, when actual information comes out of Arizona, and these legislatures across the country, including Michigan, are going to have to be prepared for what’s coming out of Arizona.”

According to Arizona GOP chairman Dr. Kelli Ward, at least one legislator from Michigan visited the Maricopa audit last week, although DePerno appeared to know of none from the state who made the trip.

The hand-counting of approximately 2.1 million Maricopa ballots is projected to finish on June 26. “I think we should see some results by the end of next week, if not sooner,” DePerno responded to Barclay’s question on the timeline.

“We’re going to see a lot of problems, in my opinion,” DePerno continued, basing his “guess” on the results on “what we’ve seen in Michigan and…Antrim County.” “…if we extrapolate that, we’re going to find that there’s missing ballots; we’re going to find ballots that are not the correct type of ballots, filled out by computers, not folded in the correct spot for absentee ballots, printed on the wrong paper; they’re going to find a lot of problems out there is what I expect,” he said.

In response to who at the Michigan Capitol would see the signed affidavits, DePerno said that signers of the 7,000 affidavits were encouraged to make “13 copies” of their affidavit for individual delivery to key legislators. Two in particular, DePerno said —  state Sens. Ed McBroom and [John] Bizon — have “been the two people really trying to hide the evidence” and “spoken out most vigorously against our efforts.”

Blank affidavits can still be downloaded, completed and sent to the Capitol from his website, DePerno said.

As a result of the Antrim County lawsuit, DePerno said he has produced “18 expert reports” to date, with one he deemed “the most important” demonstrating “the actual way that the votes were moved in Antrim County…when we put out the report showing actually what happened in Antrim County and how the votes moved from Jorgensen to Trump and Trump to Biden and then Biden to an undervote and explained through the coding how the election was subverted, that was the most important report probably so far, because it details not what could happen, but it details what actually happened in that county, and it shows a real subversion of the election…”

On Friday afternoon The Post & Email contacted McBroom and Bizon’s offices for their response to DePerno’s claim.

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  1. everyone knows FRAUD made the difference but devildemocommiecrats and deep state establishment republikrats don’t want the proof seen so they fight truth in hopes they can retain their unlawfully gained power!!!!!

  2. This is correct! Every state in the union should be preparing for a full forensic audit and or decertification of their election 2020 results because of the overwhelming amount of FRAUD (there is NO statute of limitations on FRAUD, BARACK) and this country will have to deal with it. The tsunami is here and the results already available draw some interesting parallels. One of which is when the election data after a halt was called on the counting, someone had to stand up and say” hey, Biden is getting the snot stomped out of him and his unconstitutionally qualified VP so we have to make some criminal and corrupt adjustments now to give China Joe and KH the win and let the chips fall where they may”. My question is, “who was that person that set this plan into action?”. We cannot trust the FBI, CIA, US Attorney, or any other corrupt federal agency to do the proper investigation. That is going to have to come from the states, grass roots people, and their judicial mechanisms to prosecute those responsible until the fraud left our shores in the form of election tallies complete with sent and received dates, times, IP addresses and the exact data sent and received, then perhaps we will need military involvement? Treason?
    Other parallels being these date time stamps the internet protocol lives and dies on cannot be changed, erased, or ignored. Internet data is in a sense what God knows and that is everything. The “internet data” knows who sent what, where, when, how, who, how much, over and back to who, how, where and when. This exacting data is known and retrievable which is in the hands of many including Mike Lindell and the Cyber Team President Trump had in operation to help stop election interference.
    Another parallel is Sandy Hook. That Obama/FEMA fairytale scheduled and recorded on the 14th of Dec. 1012 but they forget to tell the United Was who began soliciting victim families on the internet on the 11th of Dec. but not to be outdone the fictional Adam Lanza’s death was recorded on the 13th of Dec. and who can forget Dawn Hocksprung kilt in the hallway at about 09:35 am on the 14th of Dec. but she managed to provide a shot by shot interview to the Newtown Bee at about 11:25 am on the 13th of Dec.
    This might explain why a spark of justice is why the US Attorney sent criminal subpoenas to the FBI on the 14th of Dec. and many more following this unfortunate corrupt federal and corrupt media driven anti second amendment operation that carries with it full evidence of a corrupt federal act of treason. The question is, with a corrupt Executive branch starting with China Joe, the DOJ, corrupt FBI, Corrupt US Attorney’s office, will we be able to exact justice from this poorly staged 2020 election and beyond?