June 12, 2021

Dear Editor,

Make no mistake: China’s “…little blue men…” of the CCP’s maritime militia operating in China’s “grey zone” of undeclared warfare (“Warning of Beijing ‘grey zone’ threat in Australian waters,” WE, 12-13/6) perfectly illustrates Red China’s subterfuge by using modern-day “privateers” to try to coerce the likes of Western democracy Australia to accept the CCP’s trading terms and its military takeover of the South China Sea!

And much like Russian (and other countries’) criminal hackers, armed with their “ransomware” cyber-weapons to attack and shut down Western businesses/institutions by locking up their IT systems, holding them to ransom – are merely modern-day “privateers” not having to leave home ports to plunder and provided sanctuary within the borders of powerful evil nations – hostile to the West!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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