June 6, 2021

Dear Editor,

America’s Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves! When penning the magnificent US Constitution; there’s no way (let alone reason) the Founding Fathers would have permitted the average bloke to have a battery of cannons and half a dozen (let alone, one) mortars in his back shed! Because that’s nearly matched by the fire-power of one of today’s large-magazine (just about reaching the firer’s knees), semi-auto military-type rifle and one Glock 12 (or more) short-magazine semi-auto pistol when both in the hands of one murderous nutter!

Reality: America’s (along with New Zealand’s) gun laws have for far too long permitted the wrong sort of guns getting into the hands of the wrong sort of people!

So this bloke, who has long enjoyed recreational shooting for many decades and is an admirer of most of former US President Donald Trump’s political achievements/policies (but not quite a few of his personal traits), is appalled by a US judge’s so recent decision to overturn California’s so longstanding ban on semi-automatic weapons (just as the Founding Fathers would also have been, I’m sure)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Reality: The Americans, and likely Australians as well, misusing all types of guns are the wrong sort of people. Ban them from society, not guns from the right sort of people!

  2. The founding fathers allowed the citizenry to have the same black powder weapon that a soldier in the military used. Nothing has changed = an AR-15 rifle for a soldier is still OK for the common man to own for protecting his property, family and freedom.

  3. Howard, The Second Amendment entitles Americans to keep and bear arms and the Militia Act entitled ALL able bodied men to own “Military level” weapons. The founders would NOT be “appalled”. The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. It is not just for hunting, target shooting or self-defense. The Second Amendment is there so that NO TYRANT would dare attack his/her fellow citizen with the intent of overthrowing our free republic and infringing on our freedoms and liberties. “The Second Amendment is the reset button of the U.S. Constitution”- Doug Mc Kay. History told the founders that the first step to subjugating its citizens is for a government to ban guns. The danger of having certain weapons in the hands of a “Nutter” is the price Americans gladly pay to preserve their lives,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans with guns can defend themselves from any “Nutter[s]”. We WON’T be giving up our guns. EVER!!!

  4. All federal, state, county or parish, and local arms laws “on the books” in the USA levied against all none-incarcerated USA citizens are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.