by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Jun. 3, 2021) — [Editor’s Note: The following was sent to an array of Newsmax hosts and other media figures on Thursday.]

Yesterday, on Newsmax TV, I witnessed one of your most popular show hosts refer to Barack HUSSEIN Obama as America’s “first African American president” (as he/she has vacuously said numerous times in the past, not unlike so many other misinformed, biased, or fearful journalists).  Frankly, I am disgusted every time I hear this, no matter who says it! I know it’s the “woke” thing to do these days, but I prefer to hear the truth.  And, by the way, I am not a racist, white supremacist, or even someone who “hates” others or poses a real threat to anyone else (unless telling the TRUTH today has become something which is considered threatening).

So, I ask again, WHAT PART OF BOGUS “FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, as it pertains to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, don’t you understand?  

To begin with, Obama was not a CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE president, i.e. not a “REAL” president.  I refer you to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our United States Constitution.  Look it up.  It’s there!  And, in short, it states that anyone who is not a “natural born American citizen” cannot run for or become elected to the presidency (vice presidency included, Ms Harris!).  Unfortunately, none of the know-it-all talking heads in the media will even utter those words!  Let’s see if I can explain to you what a NBC is in a way which you might understand and be willing to use in your vocabulary, i.e. by telling you what it is NOT.  A natural born American citizen is NOT a native born citizen.  NOT an anchor baby.  Not a “Dreamer.”  NOT a dual citizen.  And, NOT a naturalized citizen (naturalized citizen is NOT the same thing as a natural born American citizen).  If this doesn’t convince you of the likelihood of Obama’s ineligibility (and my logical conclusion that he CONSPIRED TO STEAL the American presidency), then allow me to point out that Obama was a citizen of at least two and most likely three different countries (Great Britain, Indonesia, and the United States).  Some find this a bit difficult to verify, because all of Obama’s personal and biographical records have been either sealed from public view or destroyed by him and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  You know, the spooks who first identified Obama (even though he was gay, dope-smoking, pro-communist, and academically mediocre), employed him as an operative or actual agent at one time, and funded and groomed him in a conspiracy with others for the presidency.  This is what is known as a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE!

As for the claim of Obama and his supporters and those in the news media and on capitol hill that he is our country’s first “African American” president, this is disputed by the fact that his ethnicity is by far more Arab (44% Arabic) than African (6% African/Black).  Assuming that he has told us the truth about his ancestry, Obama also is 50% White.  All of this, too, is presumably factual and can easily be found on the internet, by searching for the ethnicity of Barack Obama.  And, to add emphasis to the point being made, most people are aware that Obama is a Muslim who once worshiped, and may still worship, Islam.  Not uncommon in the Arab world and culture.  We also know how Obama favored the Arab countries in his policies while “president.”

To conclude, the really sad aspect surrounding all of the above (traitorous, if not treasonous activity) is that America, in large part I suspect to demonstrate our sincere willingness to accept people of every race, color, and creed, was DECEIVED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT TO ALLOW A CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE, SMOOTH TALKING, MARXIST CHARLATAN TO BE NOMINATED, ELECTED TWICE TO THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN OUR LAND , AND SWORN IN EACH TIME BY A COMPLICIT SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE WHO KNEW EVERYTHING, YET FAILED TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.  All of this unlawful chicanery started in 2008-09, and our republic has never been the same since!  May I suggest that only the TRUTH and a return to sensible, bipartisan, and morally sound policies that will make America great again can save us.  No person who has a position of influence over the public, e.g. journalists, elected or appointed representatives of the people, and powerful others, should be afraid to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Amen, and may God Bless America as it was intended to be by our brave and wise founding fathers.   

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  1. Henry Wilson: Our country needs to DE-FUND, CANCEL, AND RE-IMAGINE its so-called “Supreme Court!” At the very least, impeach, remove, and/or indict John Roberts Jr! He, and other corrupt officials (Obama, Biden, etc), have made millions (one billion or more in Roberts’ case!) at the public trough. Click on the below link.
    By the way, wasn’t this after Roberts cast the deciding vote in the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare? Hmm!

  2. In the Constitution Association’s case, a response to the court’s order was filed.

    After considering the response, the court will dismiss that case.