June 1, 2021

Dear Editor,

Get off my oxygen tube, Jarman Impey, “Every Australian can help heal our wounds”, HS, 1/6! Because it is an “Australian Aboriginal problem” and not merely an “Australian problem” that – on your own admission! – Indigenous women are 32 times more likely to be admitted to hospital than non-Indigenous women! And Jarman Impey, and all other Aborigines – you can all start by reading Rod Snee’s “Cruelty is colour blind”, YV, 27/5 factually outlining the cannibalism and horrendous tribal and domestic violence historically endemic (documented also by 18th and 19th-century French explorers!) throughout Aboriginal society right up to the 20th century (and still awful domestic and tribal violence to this very day)!

“National Reconciliation Week” could (and should) start within Aboriginal families and between tribes! This bloke (who has befriended, employed, sponsored and attended court with Aborigines) has seen it all (bar the cannibalism) over some 70 years!

So, Jarman Impey (and all other Aborigines), as the violence has always been an “Australian Aboriginal problem” (and not merely an “Australian problem”), this “National Reconciliation Week” please, get real and “heal your wounds” yourselves!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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