by Joan Swirsky, ©2021 

(May 28, 2021) — In February, not two weeks into the, ahem, presidency of Joe Biden, I described in my article, “Joe’s Jews,” the appointments he made of 11 longtime Jew-haters and Israel-loathers to key positions in his cabinet/regime.

A month later, in my article “More about Joe and the Jews,” I described 12 more Jew-haters and Israel-loathers that Joe appointed to key positions in his cabinet/regime.

There have been many other alarmingly similar appointments since then, making it clear to even the most casual observer that the Biden White House has a particularly hostile––even hateful––attitude toward Jews and their ancient homeland Israel, combined with a perverse infatuation with and allegiance to any group or individual intent on destroying the Jewish state.

There is no doubt that Biden’s presence in the Oval Office has been interpreted by these career haters and organized thugs as an unmistakable nod of approval to continue and even expand on the tsunami of anti-Semitism now sweeping the entire globe––from the contamination of most American colleges and universities to brutal physical assaults of Jews in the streets of New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and around the world––a phenomenon writer Victor Rosenthal elaborates upon in chilling detail––to condemnation of Israel by the Irish parliament and other governments to the racist obscenities vomited out routinely by Democrat members of the U.S. Congress.


In fact, Joe Biden and his entire coterie/staff/cabinet/appointees of left-wing, blatantly anti-Semitic radicals demonstrate their noxious racism on a daily basis, notwithstanding his boilerplate pronouncements about support for Israel…at the exact same time he embraces, applauds and funds Israel’s mortal enemies. Want proof? Here is the very very short list:

  • Biden appeased and clearly agreed with the growing number of Jew- and Israel-haters in the Democrat Party by sending the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians $167 million dollars––enough to finance the recent war against Israel by Hamas terrorists.
  • Biden––when it was clear that the aggressors of Hamas were getting trounced by Israel––was sent a letter by no less than 500 of his anti-Israel campaign staffers––begging him to “hold Israel accountable for its actions.” Bad Israel for fighting back!
  • Biden dispatched Michael Ratney to represent the U.S. in Israel––the same guy, according to Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart––whose role in the Obama administration was to interfere in Israel’s 2015 election with the goal of ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Biden, instead of allowing Israel to turn Gaza into a demilitarized zone, initiated the ceasefire that Hamas was begging for and demanded that Israel––not the terrorists!––meet three demands:
    • Desist from evicting the Arabs who have been squatting on Jewish property for decades without paying rent,
    • Appease the fanatically militant Arabs who don’t allow Jews to pray at their most sacred site, the Temple Mount,
    • And stop celebrating Jerusalem Flag day which honors the State of Israel. “Imagine if another country demanded we stop celebrating the Fourth of July or Memorial Day!”
  • Biden, like Obama before him, believes in rewarding terrorists, and so has pledged billions––not millions or even multimillions, but billions!––to rebuild the breeding ground of hatred and terrorism known as Gaza. He has also committed $150 million to––as former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley describes it––the systemically corrupt United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that was suspended under the Trump administration.
  • Biden and Kalamity Harris enthusiastically supported Rev. Raphael Warnock when he ran, victoriously, for the U.S. Senate in Georgia last year, knowing full well of his rabid anti-Semitism and hatred of whites, as spelled out here by journalist and blogger Jeff Dunetz.
  • Biden’s nominee for a top State Department position, according to writer Alana Goodman, “played a key role in assembling a book on the nefarious influence of the ‘Israel lobby’ while working for an organization that promoted claims about Jewish media control and dual loyalty to Israel.”
  • Biden chose attorney Kirsten Clarke as the Assistant Attorney General to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, she whose loathing of Jews and whites is extensively documented by the esteemed Daniel Greenfield, as well as by writer/editor David Rosenberg. Clarke has posited that “the human brain was structured in a way that makes black people superior to white people.”
  • Biden, only a year after being elected, delivered Egyptian disinformation to Israel––to the besieged country’s detriment––ahead of the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, as described by writer David Israel.
  • Biden, just the other day, ordered U.S. Embassies around the world to fly the Black Lives Matter flag to commemorate George Floyd’s murder “on May 25 and beyond.” You remember BLM––the Marxist terrorist group rampaging across the U.S. for the past year and responsible for about $2 billion in property damage, devastating arson, widespread theft, the injuries of more than 240 police officers and destruction of hundreds of police precincts, upward of 30 murders, and the defacement and vandalizing of synagogues, at which they screamed “F… the Jews and Kill the Police.” That BLM! That Joe Biden!
  • Biden’s House Democrats last week rejected–– unanimously––a Republican effort to provide Israel with emergency security funding for its life-saving Iron Dome system. A couple of days earlier, they stopped legislation that would sanction foreign entities doing business with Hamas. Getting the picture?
  • Biden & Co. fully support the World Health Organization, a toxic arm of the United Nations cesspool, which held a meeting the other day to address the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, and predictably––given their entire history of fanatical anti-Semitism––singled out Israel to condemn for violating the rights of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, although the charge is objectively untrue and Israel has been at the international forefront of the research and development of anti-Corona vaccines.
  • Biden has brought in Islamic activists––among them Hina Shamsi, who fought on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation, the leaders of which were convicted of providing material support to Hamas—to investigate “extremism” in the U.S. military. In essence, writes Daniel Greenfield, “American military personnel are being put at the mercy of advocates for their worst enemies. To Biden, defending Al Qaeda and Hamas terrorists is the only qualification needed for going after American soldiers.”


One thing about Jew-haters and Israel-loathers:  they are remarkably unoriginal. While their reasons for hating Jews may have changed over the centuries, the symptoms of their racism have remained the same:

  • Thinking obsessively about Jews,
  • Fulminating with hatred,
  • Blaming everything wrong in their lives and society on Jews,
  • Joining with other racists to inflict harm,
  • In many cases, devoting their lives to this obsession.

All of it driven by pathological jealousy!

Interestingly, they never seem to wonder why it is that out of eight-billion people in the world––including 2.2-billion Christians, approximately one-billion Protestants, and 1.8-billion Muslims (the majority in 49 countries), they cannot deal with or destroy the 15-million Jews––seven-million in the U.S., seven-million in Israel, and about one million around the world.

It must make them feel immensely stupid or impotent, hence even angrier than their usual fixated state of fury.

But like every liberal, leftist, progressive––whatever they’re calling themselves these days––who thinks that the crashing failures of socialism and communism in world history were a function of bad management and that they will do it better, so the Jew-haters of the world think they will finally get the anti-Semitism thing right and once and for all get rid of the people, and their country, that make them feel so bad and inferior and stupid and impotent every minute of every day and night––including weekends and holidays!


“The Biden administration has revealed the president’s long-seething hostility toward Israel,” writes former professor of political science Abraham Miller, “going back to his encounter with Israel’s then-prime minister Menachem Begin, in which Biden threatened to cut off aid to Israel.”

As Israelis were crouching in hallways and bomb shelters and Hamas launched death from the skies against them,” Miller writes, “the Biden administration’s representatives in Vienna were negotiating an overture to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal”––Iran being the foremost supplier of arms to Hamas.

Larry Gordon, editor-in-chief of the 5 Towns Jewish Times (Long Island, NY), asks: “Do Jewish Lives Matter?”

“A great deal of the recent debate [about the Hamas-Israel conflict], Gordon writes, revolved around the issue as to whether Israel has the right to defend itself….under what possible circumstances would it be acceptable or okay for Israel not to defend itself?

“Over the last several weeks Jews are being clubbed and beaten at random.” Gordon continues, “but the president so far has not found it within himself––like the Jewish Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer––to stand up and condemn these types of hate crimes. Perhaps they will see themselves as being aligned too much with Jews which may impact on their political standing….what a shameful situation!”

Economist and political commentator Valerie Sobel states that it is “entirely inexplicable how such a large caucus of American Jewry can be so irreparably injured by a presidential tweet on media bias, yet be entirely untouched by the ‘Death to Jews’ chants in the violent, politically underwritten Jew-hatred festivals of their own party and tirelessly anti-Semitic media.  

“Impossible to digest how their Jewish offspring, their contaminated social justice warriors, the very grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, are so indoctrinated that they march with Black Lives Matter and the Boycott-Divest-Sanction Jew haters while holding ‘Free Palestine’ signs. And entirely irreconcilable––the supine silence of predominately liberal Jewish Community leaders on the Kristallnacht-style pogroms in L.A., London and New York. 

“How can we explain this craven desire to throw ourselves onto the sword in the name of wokeness?” Sobel asks. “Who would applaud this desperation for acceptance into a club of liberal ideals that includes vile Jew-hatred? And why in the world would a political party with such a vast anti-Semitic ledger and clinically Israel-allergic membership be valued at such a premium by Jews themselves?”

Psychiatrist and historian Kenneth Levin also talks about the Congressional enablers of genocidal anti-Semitism. “Hamas is explicit in wanting to kill not only all Israelis but all Jews,” Levin writes….

“The current Administration,” Levin continues, “has stated as one of its essential goals the reassertion of American moral authority in the world…[but] the further, ugly phenomenon of a sizable segment of the Congressional delegation of a major American political party serving as supporters of or apologists for the criminal actions of a genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist group…[is] rather a demonstration of moral bankruptcy.” 

Liel Leibovitz, writing in the NY Post , states: “As Jews were being pummeled, punched, spat at, intimidated with explosive devices and singled out for violence and harassment all across America this week, the righteous men and women of the Democratic Party were quick to denounce the twin scourges behind these mini-pogroms: anti-Semitism and—drumroll, please—Islamophobia.
“That’s the thing with morally muddled thinking, “Leibovitz continues. “It’s a simple principle that seems to be completely lost on nearly everyone in today’s Democratic Party. Hopefully, its Jewish voters will wise up before it’s too late.”

Journalist and author John Perazzo, in Israel’s Fake ‘Friend’––an in-depth, comprehensive timeline of Joe Biden’s relentless hostility toward Israel from 1982 to just a few months ago––describes “a long destructive track record of undermining Israeli security.”

“Joe Biden has made a habit of describing himself as a loyal, stalwart friend and ally of Israel,” Perazzo writes….but a careful examination of Biden’s track record reveals his long and extremely troubling history of undermining Israel’s security and public image.”

In his timeline, Perazzo describes eight long years of Biden’s steadfast support of Barack Obama’s deep hostility and sabotage of Israel, which Israeli lawmaker Danny Danon, chairman of Likud’s international outreach branch, said were “catastrophic.”

Writer Andrea Widburg has the last word in Biden’s ignominious role toward Israel: “Biden may say he believes Israel has a right to self-defense,” Widburg writes, “but his actions reveal that his real sympathies lie with the Islamists who seek to destroy Israel and kill every one of her inhabitants. He is an indecent excuse for a human being.”

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  1. It is Obama leading his third term .
    He wants to erase the western civilization and bring Islam to power.
    Israel is in the way . From the river to the sea and there is the Middle East complete without Jews. He want to take down white peoples.
    He did all this discreetly deceitfully like a slithering snake.
    Unlike Hitler who outwardly screamed to get rid of the Jews Obama (an emotional hater of Jews like Hitler kept and is keeping his agenda hidden.
    Unfortunately many people in the world including many Jews are giving him the platform.
    My blood is churning that the world does not see the writing on the wall.

  2. Is anyone going to call out the writer of this article for quoting a SATIRE article, as if it were a source? I guess only me: The Babylon Bee, which you quote at LENGTH, is a satire site. Like The Onion, or National Lampoon. Heard of them?

    How can you not know this, and call yourself a journalist?

    And the fact that Gen. Michael Flynn read this article and called it “excellently written” is terrifying. You and he apparently live in a make-believe world.

      1. Just because it’s an editorial doesn’t give the author license to report untrue claims.

        In any case, the link is actually provided in the article above, when you click on the words “Biden told an ABC-TV reporter.” It will take you to

        So Ms. Swirsky’s next two paragraphs are complete invented satire. Repeat: This DID NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.

        “But we really shouldn’t worry. After all, just the other day, Biden told an ABC-TV reporter that Hamas is “just an idea. It’s more of a concept, an a-a-abstract, a, the, you know, the, the, the thing. A sym––a symbol. Hamas is more of the journey, the, the destination. The real Hamas is just the, you know, just the friends we made along the way.”

        “So who is launching the rockets then?” asked the interviewer.

        “Come on, man!” Biden replied angrily. “Want to arm-wrestle? I took down ole Bucktooth Joe back in my college days. He was one of the best arm-wrestlers east of the Mississippi. And pow! I took him down. Right in the kisser. Let’s go, me and you, right now. Or maybe a push-up contest. You know, the — the thing about the push-ups…”

        1. The Post & Email has researched your observation and found that the author inadvertently confused The Babylon Bee’s satire with a similar statement Biden made in a presidential debate about Antifa:

          That section of the editorial has therefore been removed.

  3. The democrats hate Israel because they hate God and they also hate christians who serve the same God of Israel, the one and only alpha and Omega. They serve a luceferian god who is evil and pathetic and powerless. As the bible says the devil knows the word of God and trembles!! He knows he has but a short time before our Lord cuts him off at the knees and banished him to everlasting fire.I can’t wait for it.

  4. Somehow Israel will be receiving the stealth weapons from the USA when the Democratic Progressives wished to withheld

    Biden in private was able to get the Progrssives to withdraw
    Biden as the Democratic head is working compromises to support Israeli
    It’s what he can do when he has a split party

  5. There are at least 50 nations were Muslims are the great majority. Why is one tiny little Jewish nation too much ? When Menachem Begin was Prime Minster of Israel Biden gave Begin a list of demands he wanted and concluded with if you don’t this you will get no backing from the USA nothing”. This was when Biden was in the senate. He was later the VP under Obama the most anti Israel President we have ever had. A leopard does not change his spots. The man has lost it, it’s embarrassing watching try to complete a sentence or a thought. What upsets me most is that American Jews overwhelmingly voted for him. They have been Democrats all there lives and it’s like driving a car on railroad tracks they don’t know how to get off. Biden and the squad are ruining this country. Look at all the damage this old man has done in a few short months. It should scare us all.

  6. Jews have been kicked out of at least 250 to 300 countries over the centuries. Mostly because of the Talmud. Are you aware of what is in the Talmud?

    1. It’s because of hate not because of what’s in the talmud which is wisdom from the Sages. Only one ignorant of History could ever come up with the conclusion that is the talmud. It’s hate with no explanation whatsoever pure hate.

  7. There are many Jewish congressman and some in the senate as well, but their silence is deafening. There is nothing worse than a COWARD and these Jews are that. They want to be accepted by their peers so they will throw Judaism to the haters so that they can be accepted by the colleges that hate them. Jews had better wake up, if memory serves me it was a large portion of Jews that marched got beat up and some killed for the civil rights of the black community. I guess black memories are long forgotten how the Jews were very instrumental during the 60’s in the civil rights movement, it looks like to me that they used the Jews for their cause and now they abandon the people that really helped them. That is the shame of it, but what is even worse is the Jews in government that are cowards and can’t or even won’t stand up for freedom and equality for Jews and Israel the only democratic country in the middle east. That piece of garbage known as Chuck Schumer who holds an important, position in government is missing in action he is the number one disgrace, and I can only hope that God above will not forget his COWARDISE

  8. Not buying the victimhood BS. There is a difference between Semitic Judaism and Zionism. Semitic Judaism is not a race as projected. Zionism is not Judaism. The Zionist are Satanic criminals. The Hamas are criminals. Do your deep research and you will find Hamas is controlled by the Zionist. Those who support Hamas and/or Zionist are only the sleeping sheeple. What is going on in Israel is the final desperation attempt by the puppet masters to regain control of their failing financial system and the best way to do that is through WAR and genocide as we know it, a plandemic = CV19.
    It is all a show. The ‘fall’ is coming and it will be biblical.

    1. You’re throwing around terms with no meaning (Semitic Judaism) while redefining truth to fit some insane alternate universe that is in your head.

  9. I’m so tired of having to say that the current climate of everything (except the actual “climate,” which is fine!) gives me a stomach ache. Address the massive crime, and put the duly elected President Trump in the White House where he legally belongs.

  10. For God So Loved The World, He gave His Only Begotten Son, that Who So Ever Believeth in Him Shall Have Everlasting Life With Him In Heaven.Glory Hallelujah He Is Cleansing The World. We Praise You Heavenly Father, ALL PRAISE GLORY and HONOR TO OUR KING LORD JESUS CHRIST. AMEN ➕⚖️

  11. I wish you would leave out things like “Kalamity” from the article. I am no fan, but I feel like I could send this article to my Democrat friends, especially Jewish friends, if you’d just do it straight. But because of that I feel like I cannot. Even if I agree with you, they will throw the baby out with the bathwater when they read it. Stick with the facts, quote them, point to their track record, as you did with Biden. THEN it’s shareable. I’m sad, because otherwise it’s a fantastic article

    1. I’m in complete agreement with you. The people with actual principles AND a format to share them, would do well to stay on the high road. Leave the childish name calling to the evil ones; it suits them better.

  12. I am aware of what has been going on in the Biden Administration. Thank you
    for getting the information out there. Such fakery and hate, I believe, will not
    succeed. I feel that more Americans, and I hope, Jews, are waking up and taking
    action against this.