by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021

Coronaviruses, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(May 24, 2021) — COVID-19 these days is a household name worldwide and so are the NAZI-like, propaganda and controls most countries have bit into. Over a year ago, America was ordering lockdowns on most businesses, schools, churches, cities and states while demanding people wear face masks and stay six feet away from everyone. Insanity and fear ruled, resulting in most complying. Businesses started struggling and failing while people were waiting with bated breath for upcoming vaccines. They would fix everything. Or would they?

Though there hadn’t been adequate testing and dangers abounded, millions lined up and still line up to take the vaccines. Several of my friends and own parents took them.  I didn’t and begged others not to.  Even Franklin Graham has been assertively pushing others to take the vaccines.  He is sadly so wrong on this one!  How dare he declare that it is God’s will to take the vaccine and say that God provided it?  Someone provided it, alright, and I believe it was the opposite of God.

We are offered various varieties of the vaccines from the ‘BIG DOG’ pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. They are all big household names and surely wouldn’t rush things and end up hurting potentially millions.  Yet with more cases of illness and deaths being tracked and whistleblower doctors coming forward now, the vaccine is turning out to be more lethal than the created bio-weapon, COVID-19.

Here is a bit of potential motivational info reflecting big pharma’s urgency to produce vaccines. It is predicted that in 2021, Pfizer will make $15 billion on vaccines; Moderna, $18.4 billion; Johnson & Johnson, “up to $10 billion“; and AstraZeneca made $275 million as of April 30.  Could it possibly be that they all had a little motivation for hurrying things along and acting as if the vaccines were sliced bread for us?  You make up your mind.

Several whistleblowers and courageous medical doctors have come forward exposing the real danger of vaccines and the deadly agenda behind them and their release. Dr. Rima Laibow, a natural-medicine proponent, discusses what she believes is a stated depopulation agenda by the U.N.  Their plan was to release a virus, then use vaccines to depopulate the masses.  So far, their plan is working. Bill Gates is also on record stating that we need to depopulate the world.  He must be praising his god Satan right now.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, another whistleblower, has exposed the many dangers to our DNA.  She covers the dangers and unfolding horror to come in detail. She predicts by fall 2021 that we will see millions start dying from vaccine complications and illnesses. Another whistleblower, Dr. Christiane Northrup, OBGYN*, has reported research into possible “transmittal” from individuals having received the vaccine to others who experienced serious health consequences, including fertility issues for both men and women.  Could the bigger plate spinning in the air be a bold attempt at depopulation through the spread of the virus through the vaccines?

We see now the push in some government circles and talk from the fake-temporary President Biden of requiring a vaccine passport which people would have to show to get on a plane, go to work or the store, probably to appear anywhere.  Even pursuing this notion in Congress or any other way would be completely against our Constitution and rights.  The law or the Constitution sure didn’t stop Hitler and the Nazis from seizing rights.  America must never even consider such a notion as forced vaccine passports or forced vaccines.  I beg you, don’t take the vaccine.

Editor’s Note: At 29:46 in her interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Northrup states that in 2015, she did not renew her license to practice medicine.

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