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by Tom Arnold, ©2021

Source: Nancy Pelosi Facebook page

(May 21, 2021) — [The following was sent to multiple members of the media and several members of Congress – Ed.]

     a) Why does Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi want Congress to “investigate” the events which occurred at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? Isn’t the FBI (as well as other law enforcement agencies) already doing that? How do you like your tax dollars wasted!

     b)  Isn’t there a concept in our federal government commonly called “Separation of Powers,” i.e. the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch?  Why does Nancy Pelosi think that the Legislative branch (whose primary responsibility is to legislate laws) should be doing the job of the Executive branch (one of whose primary responsibilities is enforcement of laws by the DOJ and other law enforcement agencies, often involving investigations)?

     c)  Who shot Ashli Babbitt, and what justified (NOT!) killing her?  Isn’t this act an example of at least CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT MANSLAUGHTER?  Possibly even 2nd DEGREE MURDER?  Who is behind the cover-up?  What’s the reason for it?

     d)  Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, why did she, in her capacity as House Speaker and DNCC Chairperson in 2008, have the “Official Certification of Nomination” papers for the Democrat Party presidential nominee Barack Hussein Obama omit the required language “LEGALLY QUALIFIED TO SERVE UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION,” and afterwards sent those phonied up certification papers to the various secretaries of states for placement of Obama on their individual states’ election ballots?  Isn’t this EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD?

     e)  Considering the fact that the president of the United States (and vice-president) must be “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS” (per Section 2, Article 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution), how is it that Barack Hussein Obama could be qualified to run for the high office?  Regardless of where he was born, isn’t it a fact that Obama was a citizen of THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (Great Britain due to the citizenship of his alleged birth father, Barack Obama Sr, in the protectorate of British Kenya, Indonesia due to the citizenship there of his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, and possibly just possibly the United States assuming he applied for and was granted citizenship in the form of a naturalized citizen, which is NOT THE SAME AS A “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN”).

     f)  Why did U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr swear in to the presidency (in 2009 and again in 2013) a CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE Obama?  Don’t you think that the Chief Justice would have known all of the facts (the disqualifying facts) about Obama’s background?

     g)  Isn’t it true that Obama actually was a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, who was identified by our own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at an early age to be president of the United States and was educated, trained, funded, and in every way possible prepared by the CIA conspiring with others (some of those others named above) to become the leader of our country, and the world?

     h)  Why do you suppose that many of Obama’s personal records have been either destroyed or sealed from public scrutiny?  Do you know that in 2011 a courts martial judge (case against Army Lt Col Terry Lakin MD, a flight surgeon and military hero who had served tours of duty in the Middle East) denied the request for Discovery by the Defense of Commander-in-Chief Obama’s personal information and qualifications?  The judge, Army Colonel Denise Lind, actually ruled that the information about Obama might be “EMBARRASSING!”  Have you read Terry Lakin’s book, “Officers Oath:  Why My Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded That I Sacrifice My Career.”

     i)  WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE IN THE NEWS MEDIA (not even Fox News or Newsmax TV) SPEAKS THE WORDS “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN?”  Could it be that they were complicit in covering up Obama’s constitutional ineligibility?  Could it be that they again are faced with the same problem, i.e. Kamala Harris?

     j)  WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE IN OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (U.S. Supreme Court obviously included) SPEAKS THE WORDS “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN?”  Wouldn’t that be a good issue for Congress to investigate!

     k)  Why is the Republican Party (RNC included) letting the Democrat Party run roughshod over them in practically every way and very often against the will of We, the People?


     m)  DID YOU VOTE FOR HIM/HER OR FOR THEM?  Is this really the way our constitutional democratic republic is supposed to work?

     n)  Do you think Joe Biden, who has been aiding and abetting Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, degrading our country’s alliance with Israel and the Abraham Peace Accords, attempting to re-establish the Iranian nuclear deal with the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism Iran, and kowtowing to China and Russia, is COMMITTING TREASON?  Are you familiar with or have you read 18 U. S. Code Section 2381?

     o)  Why is it all of a sudden that we are all racists?

     p)  Can’t you think of a better way to solve our country’s problems?  Or, is it all but over, and 2 + 2 from now on equals 5?

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  1. On this one:
    k) Why is the Republican Party (RNC included) letting the Democrat Party run roughshod over them in practically every way and very often against the will of We, the People?
    My answer is because the Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats in allowing and covering for the Soros funded, race protected, media adored Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president. The Republicans share the guilt of having given America’s government and her military to her enemies at the highest levels of government. A bigger crime against American citizens and her military is hard to imagine. It was similar to signing surrender papers after losing a war, but America’s enemies circumvented the power of our military and went directly to the control center of America’s Constitutional Republic….the presidency. From the presidency they could weaken America’s military without firing a shot……….that quickly happened and is intensifying day by day………………they are attempting to turn the strongest military in the world into a worldwide joke…….which gets no respect.
    To me, none this was hidden as it was happening, but with almost 100% control of the media, the race card and the unlimited money of people like George Soros they are still on track for complete control of America…. perhaps already there……..

    Tom, I agree with what you said about being 77, I am also 77. :-)

  2. Barack Hussein Obama was Born in Kenya, and his grandmother stated that clearly, in a televised interview very early in O’Bozo’s campaigning. Many people watched that interview. It quickly disappeared, and several weeks later, his grandmother was ” Vince Fostered “, because if the word HAD got out that he WAS born in Kenya, and NOT Hawaii, he would have never been elected. I still kick myself for not having recorded that interview that day.

  3. That’s Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. Sorry for the error. But, you get my point. Thanks everyone for your understanding. At age 77, even though I always try to be very careful and correct about what I have to say, I guess that Biden effect is beginning to set in! Tom Arnold.