May 20, 2021

Dear Editor,

Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, 2008 (Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Once I had much sympathy for the Palestinians; now not so much!

Hamas, backed by an emboldened, nefariously fascist, Iran, energised by Joe Biden’s Barack Obama-type Middle East policy ineptness, is prepared to sacrifice its own innocent people (particularly women and children) on the altar of total Jewish extermination!

Biden, so foolishly, has released aid (so wisely stopped by Donald Trump!) to the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip; with Hamas building tunnels for military purposes against Israel, instead of air raid shelters to protect its citizens after Hamas has again attacked Israel (which so nobly medically, treats Palestinians time and time again).

Also, so very many of Hamas’s rockets aimed at Israel fall short into Gaza, killing innocent Palestinian women and children!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. joe dementia and satan’s devildemocommiecrats hate Israel as much as they hate God and America. The Lake of Fire is their destination but they believe satan will reward them in Heaven, just like moslems do. They are too stupid and too arrogant to accept the fact that satan IS NOT “GOD” and that he has already lost the war they are fighting!!!!!!!!!! I daily pray that God will soften their hearts so they can find salvation but they don’t accept Jesus Christ as more than a fable!!!!!!!!!!