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Screenshot: Newsmax, “Greg Kelly Reports

(May 11, 2021) — Mr. Kelly (one of a few favorite “journalists” of mine) hit hard on the Central Intelligence Agency last night.  The CIA evidently has new “woke,” if not totally silly, recruitment ads!  A couple of them were shown on air and ridiculed by Mr. Kelly (rightly so!).  AS FOR ME, NOTHING THAT THE CIA DOES SURPRISES ME ANYMORE.  I am not certain if Mr. Kelly knows a lot about The Agency, which supposedly was formed, and still has the mission today, to gather information about possible FOREIGN threats.  Any activities that they are involved in DOMESTICALLY are suspect at best and arguably unlawful or unconstitutional at worst!  DO YOU SUPPOSE GREG KELLY IS AWARE OF THESE THINGS AND THE  FOLLOWING FACTS ABOUT THE CIA, WHICH ARE A LOT MORE CONTROVERSIAL, DAMAGING, AND NEWSWORTHY THAN THEIR NEW WOKE AD CAMPAIGN?  Some, if not all, of the below facts are quite literally of NATIONAL SECURITY importance to the United States of America. 

The CIA is for all practical purposes an INDEPENDENT arm of our federal government.  No one that I am aware of oversees their activities.  Do you know if, like many other government and, in particular, federal law enforcement agencies, ANYONE OVERSEES THEM OR HAS AUTHORITY OVER THEM?  LIKE, FOR INSTANCE, AN INSPECTOR GENERAL (IG) OR REALLY EVEN THE PRESIDENT?  I don’t think so.  Hmm!

Do you, Greg Kelly, know that “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA,” aka BARRY SOETORO SOEBARKAH, was recruited at Occidental College in Los Angeles by the CIA?  It might have even been earlier than that, because when working as a teenager in an ice cream shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, young Barry began telling others that he was going to be president some day! 

Despite Obama’s dope smoking, homosexuality, and poor academic performance, he was somehow given a chance to attend prestigious Columbia University in New York!  Then, instead of attending school there, he was hired as an operative or actual agent by the CIA and assigned to duty in the Middle and/or Far East.  During this time, the CIA helped him to be accepted by the Patrice Lamumba University in Moscow, where he finished his undergraduate work and graduated.  Columbia University refuses to release any records of Obama’s alleged, but false, attendance there.

Harvard University Law School came next for Obama.  Wealthy Saudis and probably the CIA, too, helped him with admission.  He became president of the Harvard Law Review, and was written up in a book of biographies of up-and-coming persons and touted by the biographer and publisher (Acton & Dystel) as having been BORN IN KENYA!  That was in 1991, and the “headline” remained intact and undisputed for over sixteen years until 2007 (and, I trust everyone knows what happened then!).  Do you think Obama failed to proofread his own bio?  

Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that Obama was a “Manchurian Candidate” who was identified, groomed, educated, and funded by our own government’s Central Intelligence Agency!  This, of course, was in concert with the Democrat Party and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in particular, who phonied up the required “Official Certification of Nomination” papers which were sent to each of the states’ secretaries of state to be placed on their general election ballots. 

After winning the 2008 election it is worth noting that, despite Obama’s background and constitutional ineligibility for the presidency, he was sworn in to office in January 2009 by Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court John G. Roberts, Jr.  Roberts, in my opinion, knew much if not everything about Obama’s past.  The ineligibility of Obama can be attributed to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the constitution pertaining to NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS (which Obama was not, because he actually was a citizen of three different countries:  Great Britain (Kenya was a protectorate of Great Britain), Indonesia (adoptive father’s nationality), and possibly the United States of America assuming that he, Obama, ever applied for and became a naturalized citizen, which is NOT the same thing as a Natural Born American Citizen having no allegiances or connections with any other country or countries outside of ours).  Therefore, it makes no difference where Obama aka Soetoro Soebarkah was born.  The “Birther” argument doesn’t really matter!

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president
and commander-in-chief to be a “natural born Citizen”

One last thing, Mr. Kelly and others, which I want to emphasize is that Obama actually was far more Arab-American (44% Arab ethnicity) than African-American or Black (6% African ethnicity and 50% White).  In my view, this is an historical inaccuracy which led to and assured Obama’s rise to power and misunderstood possibly lasting importance. 


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  1. I finally had time to read this thread Tom and you are exactly correct. The CIA was an outgrowth of the OSS originally, then turned into a cancer upon the land. Other Federal agencies such as DARPA, DOJ, FBI, BLM, FEMA, IRS, TSA have now been weaponized against the people of this country.

  2. Thank you Tom Arnold,
    I always considered “birther” as meaning someone who correctly believed a person could not be eligible to be America’s president, whether it was because of where they were born and/or because both of their parents were not citizens at the time of their birth. The media used the term “birther” only to mean people who believed Obama was not born in the U.S.A.. That allowed the media to change the most frequently published birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama from Kenya, (and occasionally Indonesia), to Hawaii, and that was all that was needed. The internet was scrubbed and the changes made, (some took years to complete), and if you ask someone today, unfortunately, “What is a natural born citizen?” their answer will likely be, “Someone born in America”. It’s easy to understand why the framers of the Constitution wanted the president, and especially the commander-in-chief of America’s military, to be a natural born citizen while only requiring “citizen” for other elected offices. But, if you ask many, probably most Americans what a natural born cit1zen is they will say, “someone born in America”. Often, explaining the actual meaning of natural born citizen makes their eyes glaze over….even though it’s not complicated or hard to understand……….

    1. Actually he was recruited and groomed by zbignew brzezinski and brennan is the facilitator of his fake identity including forged and manufactured identity records. It’s in my book.

  3. Nothing matters now with the third Obama/Soetoro administration. They are back to abusing and intimidating radio hosts one of which was hit by the TSA on a trip the other day. They sent her luggage to Washington DC. The culture in Washington is not what it was built around anymore. This has to change along with this administration after decertifying and nullifying the last election. In my view the truth and evidence is here.

  4. Excellent! I will do what I can to get this in front of Greg Kelly Newsmax. We tried with Alex salvi OANN but he blew us off claiming they had their own experts on the case. Let us forge ahead…

    1. Excellent article. One of most trustworthy journalist I have ever encountered. I personally know you wouldn’t have posted this story if you didn’t fact-check it first.