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(May 2, 2021) — Before you make an investment, it’s prudent to calculate the risks. Things do not always turn out as expected, which means any investor is at risk of investment loss. However, some losses are a result of investment fraud or negligence. If either of the two was the cause of your investment loss, you could recover the losses by legally seeking compensation. 

While some might consider the expense of hiring a lawyer too high after a huge investment loss, opting to handle such a severe case by yourself is a failure to look at the bigger picture. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting an attorney when seeking legal redress for investment losses.

Find Out if You Have a Solid Investment Loss Case

To have a valid claim, the plaintiff will always have the burden of proof, meaning the party you are reporting is entirely innocent in the eyes of the law. So, even before going to report your matter, there are several things you must consider to assess your ability to prove the other party’s guilt. 

You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly used false statements while knowing you would rely on the same information when making the investment. Showing this may seem easy at face value, but remember the brokers or advisors will defend themselves.

However, how do you know if your situation and the evidence you have can significantly put up a case against the defendant? Putting together a compelling argument to show such aspects in a case requires a professional equipped with knowledge and years of experience doing so. 

Classify Your Case

Investment losses could come in various categories, including business fraud, securities, and investment fraud. In some cases, a stockbroker pushes you, as an investor, to sell or buy a security based on false information. Unaware of the falsity of the information, you end up suffering significant financial losses.

One of the most significant investment losses cases is the case of GPB Capital Holdings, where victims continue to seek redress for their massive losses. The Ponzi scheme involved a lot of crimes, from insider trading to embezzlement and falsifying financial statements. If you suffered losses in such a case, an investment losses attorney could exhaust all the possible grounds you should sue on.

Considering the different categories under which your claim may classify, an experienced attorney is skilled enough to create the proper strategy for such a claim.

Investment Laws Are Complicated

Investment by itself is complicated; that’s why you hired investment advisors and stockbrokers in the first place. Laws surrounding investment losses are incredibly complex. Depending on the scope and type of fraud in question, you might need to get a legal team with varying expertise. 

Attempting to handle your investment loss case alone will most likely lead you to countless hours of improper filings, paperwork, and other judicial nightmares. Your case might also need specific expert witnesses. Save yourself the turmoil and risk of losing your claim after all that by hiring an attorney.

An experienced attorney from a reputable law firm will have all the resources to tackle your case, inclusive of access to the expert witnesses needed to evaluate your losses, expert stockbroker witnesses, and fellow investment loss lawyers to help in breaking down your case.

Increase Your Chance of Compensation by Hiring an Attorney

Once you have suffered an investment loss, the last thing you want to do is make a minor error that could lead to experiencing further losses. A lot of investors are unaware of the legal regulations and requirements governing such losses.  An investment losses attorney comes in to make your situation more manageable by breaking down the facts then reforming them to a case powerful enough to help you recover losses.

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