by Bob Russell, ©2021 

(May 2, 2021) — The biggest danger to the American way of life is not liberalism but the root philosophy of liberalism. That root philosophy is the false perspective that “moral relativism” and “secular humanism” should take precedence over the morality authored by Almighty God in the pages of the Holy Bible. Liberalism denies the sovereignty of God and contends that either God doesn’t exist or is irrelevant in the face of their contention that people create their own standards of right and wrong rather than accept the Biblical standard of right and wrong.

The liberal movement in America today pits people against each other based on skin color, ethnicity, economic status, and personal beliefs.  The liberals denigrate people who have faith in God and follow the precepts laid out in the Holy Bible as “racist,” “segregationist,” “exclusionary,” “closed-minded,” “homophobic,” “xenophobic”(whatever that is), “mysogenistic” (whatever that is), “sexist,” “hateful,” and a host of other lesser-used slurs.  Liberals label conservatives, especially Christians, with all of these derogatory names to give themselves what they consider to be the moral high ground in interpersonal relations, which is a false narrative created so they can feel as if they are better than others when that is patently untrue.

Today we even see entire supposedly Christian denominations embracing homosexuality as an “equal but alternate lifestyle” and islam as an “equal but alternate path to Heaven” despite what the Bible they claim to follow says.  When “Christians” depart from the Word of God to curry favor with the minions of satan, our nation starts into a very serious slide towards destruction.  Immorality, especially in the government and “Christian” denominations, is leading America to suffer the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament.   The ultra-wealthy liberals can afford to espouse economic policies that destroy the economy because they hide their wealth from taxes through tax-exempt entities that only the 1% can use while the rest of us suffer under high taxes and economic decline. 

Until America gets back to the Judeo-Christian principles the nation was founded on we will continue the decline that is leading the nation to total destruction.  When America dissolves into a third-world toilet, as is the goal of the liberal marxists, the entire world will have no hope because America has been the rescuer of many nations and peoples for over 200 years.  Who was it who rescued Europe from Germany in World War I?  Who was it who freed millions of people from Nazi tyranny in World War II?  Who was it who rebuilt Europe, Japan, and China after the massive destruction all suffered during World War II and saved the people of South Korea from the communists in North Korea?  Who has given billions of dollars, both tax money and personal donations, to private charitable organizations?  The answer is We the People of the United States of America, Christians who follow God’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast killing more than 1,000 Americans and how moslems around the world, including those in Pakistan, cheered the deaths and claimed “allah” was punishing “the great satan” for not bowing to a false “god.”  Just a few years later a massive earthquake hit moslem Pakistan killing nearly 500,000 people.  Did Americans cheer the destruction and death?  No, America sent billions of our dollars and thousands of hours of volunteer labor to help them recover from a natural disaster.  There was no cheering over the deaths of people we disagree with on political and religious grounds.  When a hurricane and later an eathquake decimated Haiti, Americans again pitched in to help people suffering under natural disasters that destroyed nearly everything they had.

Americans have ALWAYS helped people in distress regardless of whether we agree with them or not.  The American people, most of them Christians, look to help people in need regardless of what the need is or how it occurred.  If liberals get their way and completely destroy the Christian mindset the nation will no longer be in the mindset nor retain the ability to be the “shining city on a hill” it was once described as by John Winthrop.

“Moral relativism” and “secular humanism” are satanic attacks that We the People MUST defeat in order to make America great again.  MAGA was an excellent campaign slogan and policy of President Trump’s administration, but don’t let the basis behind greatness get lost in the rhetoric of a political campaign.  Making America great requires getting back to the basis that made it great in the first place, that is returning to faith in Almighty God and implementing the precepts outlined in His Word.

Our founding fathers set the nation on a course that made it the greatest nation in history because they believed in, obeyed, and honored the Creator of the universe and everything in it.  The current regime and those in control of Congress, along with the Pravda/Goebbels fake news and big-tech propagandists, are satanists who hate and/or deny God, choosing to elevate themselves to the role of “gods.”  I will continue to speak out against the destructive and evil policies of liberals in our nation.  We the People MUST stand against liberal policies that are intentionally designed to destroy America and implement satan’s new world order global dictatorship.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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