by Matt Erickson, PatriotCorps, Public Domain

(Apr. 29, 2021) — If you somehow found yourself personally standing in front of the primary control panel at some mysterious Master Command Center, that housed “The Red Button” that, when pushed, would immediately terminate all of federal overreach, forever, would you have the guts and determination to push it?

Or, if you didn’t know whether you should really push The Red Button, would you not at least take the opportunity presented to read the available instruction manual, that told how it worked and why it would work, so you would know beforehand, that, by pushing it, you would truly be doing the right thing?

Americans have before us the opportunity to create that seemingly-magical Red Button, simply by varying the Democrats’ current efforts on D.C.-Statehood, but doing it the right way—by pursuing a constitutional amendment.

We need only tie the Democrats’ D.C.-Statehood movement to a complete repeal of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17—which is the clause that allowed the creation of exclusive legislation properties such as the District of Columbia in the first place.

Of course, Republicans, libertarians, and conservative independents have no desire whatsoever to help Democrats secure two perpetually-liberal U.S. Senators and another progressive U.S. Representative, which, of course, is what Democrats’ D.C.-Statehood movement is really all about.

But, if The Red Button would work as advertised, would this concession really be too much to ask, to immediately and permanently drain “The Swamp” and restore our American Republic as originally envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution (before the courts began steering government on a different path)?

Indeed, if the original spirit of the Constitution was simultaneously resurrected, and all members of Congress and federal officials could thereafter only exercise enumerated powers using necessary and proper means (as “necessary and proper” meant, at time of ratification), what harm could those new members of Congress who may even have radical tendencies really cause?

If your “fantasy-radar” alarm is shrieking loudly right now—warning you to stay away from pure fantasy and get back to reality—it is appropriate to emphasize that The Red Button is not magical, nor mere conjecture.

The power behind The Red Button comes not from it being magical, but that it destroys [fictitious] magic.  It is the absurd spell first cast hundreds of years ago that says federal servants may become our political masters that The Red Button actually extinguishes.

The power of The Red Button is truth, adequately disseminated, sufficient to expose the fraud and implement the means needed to annihilate falsehood.

For well over 200 years, federal servants—especially of the Supreme Court—have built up and perpetuated the false myth that those who must swear an oath to support the Constitution so they may exercise enumerated powers may instead overrule that same Constitution, and thereby rule over us citizens.

The Red Button, once properly constructed and then pushed, permanently pulls down the entire false edifice that has been built upon the quicksand of deception and lies, so that the bright light of day may shine upon the ugly ruins to sweep them clean away, leaving us with the strong foundation of our true Republican Form of Government firmly in place.

This paper is the available instruction manual, that also has a trouble-shooting section, that shows how to finish wiring The Red Button, so it will work as advertised once pushed.

When seeking to regain footing in the Land of Reality that was lost hundreds of years ago, never lose sight of the primary point that all federal servants are required to take an oath or affirmation to support the U.S. Constitution, as mandated by Article VI, Clause 3 (except the President, who has his own special oath—to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and faithfully execute his office—in Article II, Section 1, Clause 8).  And, any minor public servant who doesn’t personally take an oath, necessarily works under the supervision of a senior officer who has taken that oath.

The mandated oath signifies subservience to the Constitution servants absolutely cannot change—indeed, it takes three-fourths of the States to ratify formal amendments to change the U.S. Constitution and available federal powers, for direct exercise throughout the Union.

No agent may ever rule over and overrule the principals.

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