April 22, 2021

Dear Editor,

As a war baby I remember the old WWI Diggers with missing arms, legs and minds languishing around (in their often tattered, old army great-coats) the slum-surrounded, industrial area inner-city Melbourne streets where I grew up and where so very many people were still recovering (and suffering) from the deprivation and suffering of the Great Depression and terror, trepidation and great sacrifice, along with having lost loved ones and brothers-in-arms during WWII. I also remember sitting on the knees of returned WWII Digger relatives and well comprehend the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip’s (who distinguished himself in battle in WWII) devotion to/honouring of the four-letter word so very infrequently (not like the so many vile “f” and “c” profanities now so often) used: “duty” (to all others above self)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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