by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 16, 2021) — The social-media site CloutHub is live-streaming the “Health & Freedom Conference” organized by entrepreneur Clay Clark and featuring such speakers as Attys. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and Dr. Simone Gold, as reported here on April 6.

The conference is being held in-person in Tulsa, OK, with the link for streaming here.

Streaming on the platform began at 11:00 a.m. EDT Friday and will run through 9:30 p.m. Saturday’s schedule is 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. EDT.

Gold is founder of America’s Frontline Doctors and has taken a cautionary stand toward the coronavirus vaccines currently authorized for emergency use. AFLDS has called upon Americans to reject “vaccine passports” and to call upon the Biden regime to formally do the same.

The event was to be mask-free, Clark had told Gene Bailey, host of “Flashpoint” during the interview posted on the 6th.

The itinerary for the two-day conference is here and includes Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym of Bellmawr, NJ, which was shut down by law enforcement reportedly at the order of Gov. Phil Murphy (D). Smith will be speaking on the topic, “Stand Up and Fight for Your Rights.”

Retired U.S. Army Col. Phil Waldron, who analyzed data from the November 3, 2020 election, will be speaking about “Election Fraud The Path Forward.”

Actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ,” will give an address titled, “The Sound of Freedom.”

Dr. Richard Bartlett will be speaking on “The Proven, Safe and Affordable COVID-19 Therapies.”

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    1. Leigh Dundas, Scientology “OT level” cult member. Other than doing what Scientology does best – exposing personal information to use to intimidate – and talking bizarrely fast, what is amazing about her? Immoral, yes; “amazing”, not in the least. Nothing Christian at all about her.

  1. Hackers of wickedness at work. Patriots being stirred to act now against ungodly politicians are canceled out from the air waves. Thank God over 5000 people are there Live! We will watch it later. Mike Lindell spoke and was completely hacked out.

  2. We watched most but did have some interruptions. Hackers trying to stop us from learning. Not the fault of the conference. That is how evil the other side is.

  3. The conference was awesome!! I was able to listen to most while working from home on April 16 through
    Had to refresh several times when streaming stopped but it didn’t interfere terribly.
    Just want to say that “Florentina” seems like a troll.
    What happened to the flu, the cold, pneumonia?? My overweight, hypertensive 80 year old mother has kissed me on the lips every week for the last year and has socialized with my family including my dog without getting the sniffles. Why? Is she superwoman. No. Just rambling and angry at the religion of C***d. Yes, it has become a curse word to me. All of the speakers on the 16th were so fabulous. Words can’t describe the joy of hearing from Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Andy Wakefield, Dr. Simone Gold, Amanda Grace, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Leigh Dundas and all the rest! God is so good! So let’s refrain from complaining and negative comments here.

    1. Fay Ray, what exactly makes me a troll? Just because I do as I am being encouraged to do by the speakers – question and speak out when something doesn’t make sense?

      I expected more from this conference. Why is Dr Jim Meehan considered an expert on Covid? He is not a Virologist, he’s an Opthamogist! Why did they have a Scientology cult member, Leigh Dundas, speak? As a Christian, I have no interest in listening to their Science Fiction inspired “religion” drivel.

      I am disappointed. The conference is nothing more than a forum for people to hawk their books and services.

    1. No. Because as my Doctor – an MD Family Practioner – explained, the Covid vaccine is a booster. Even though I have antibodies from previously having Covid, this is a booster that will provide additional protection.

      This is why educating yourself with credible information is so important.

  4. Wow very unorganized as far as streaming. I followed itinerary and the website showed all the forums that were streaming. NOT!!! I kept looking for them and it was all messed up these are the links they had for streaming: How to Watch Streaming?

    Watch streaming online
    “Additional media coverage will be provided by: One America News, Epoch Times, Wester Journal, HIS Glory, Flashpoint, and more.”
    Well I went to each and every site and they were not streaming what a disappointment. Then the advertisement did not show the times in Pacific time or central or anything. I tried utube and nothing. I finally after a few hours found this “Patriot site” that was streaming though http://www.Rhema.TV. I watched probably half missed Sidney Powell, Mike Adams, General Flynn etc. what a disappointment. Then when Lin Wood was speaking it cut off and when he was done the fed came back for the end when everyone was hopping around. I mean very uninformed and unorganized. I wish that the entire conference is played again it was great and I as well as probably millions missed out. I mean there has to be a forum. The Right Side Up said they were going to stream, they are pretty good but unfortunately they did not. I just wish by some miracle they get it more together by tomorrow.

  5. You are wrong. I am a Trumper who “caught” Covid, and almost died. Even though I have had the Covid FLU, I am getting the vaccine next week.

  6. Hi Sharon, any chance you have info on the line up for both days? There is nothing coming up on about the itinerary. Also any info on where we can watch the full stream from today ?

      1. Thanks Sharon, but that link does not work. Error 522. Any chance the schedule pdf ‘s could be posted on your site? I’ve gone directly to and can’t find the page either.

  7. Who was the educator who defied restrictions and didn’t require masks,etc? She said she was preparing a PowerPoint as a resource that would be available on her IG or something. I can’t find her on the agenda. Does anyone know her name? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Judy – I have had problems too.
      Do you know the name of the educator who defied restrictions and said she would have a PowerPoint available ? I can’t find her on agenda … Thank you !

  8. I really want everyone to stop referring to “covid 19” as though it is a real entity! It is NOT. It has NEVER been isolated. It is a cold or the flu. It is a HOAX! Stop giving it credibility! The test looks only for pieces of DNA NOT live virus. The test kits were made in 2015! This was very well planned.

    1. Exactly. Covid-19 is just a made up name for symptoms which are most likely caused by microwave radiation such as in Five G wireless systems such as was rolled out in Wuhan, China, in NYC and on certain cruise ship lines. To divert attention from that cause, CDC says Covid-19 is “believed to be caused by a novel virus” but one which has never been proven to exist. On the other hand Five G has been shown to produce exosomes which are then picked up by the PCR test and called “virus.” Also, note that the only people who “catch” covid are those who had previously taken a flu shot.

      1. “Most likely caused by microwave radiation”, “5 G”? From what scholarly research did you arrive at this conclusion? Please cite a REAL source, blogs do not count!

        I almost died from Covid. I am tired of people spreading unfounded garbage like what you posted.

        1. IF….you place your health fate solely in local, state, and federal governments, may I take out a life insurance policy in your name?

    2. Your words ring true. Here is why I say that. The following video talks about the Evergreen Company ship blockading traffic in the Suez Canal.

      But, if you do not want to hear guesses about a cargo ship, please advance the video to the 26:00-minute mark, then listen until the 29:00-minute mark from a person claiming to be a virologist. Thank you.