by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Apr. 14, 2021) — [Editor’s Note:  The following was sent to the GOP, the DNC, the White House, the FBI, members of the media and Congress.]

You had dared to tell the truth in 2008-09 and again in 2012-13?

You had respected and abided by our U.S. Constitution (see especially Article II, Section 1, clause 5)?

You had stood for the popular belief that “no one is above the law”?

You had not sold out your soul to the Deep State and its radical practices of identity politics, extreme wokeness, cancel culture, and reconceptualized so-called systemic racism?

You had demanded a free and fair general election without fraud in 2020?

You had merely followed God’s teachings instead of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”?

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  1. Most Americans don’t want to hear about the natural-born Citizen clause in the Constitution, the fake birth certificate, the fake Selective Service card, Kenya, and all the rest. They don’t understand it, don’t want to understand it and don’t care about it. They like getting free money with the promise of getting even more free money. Tell an American he can get free money or an academic lecture on Article II of the Constitution. and guess which topic sparks his interest.

    We got Barack Obama, an illegal president, because he is what the voters wanted and when Tamala Harris takes over for “Sleepy Joe” in a few months, we will get another one.

    When that happens the sun will still shine, the grass will still grow and the rivers will still flow. But the constitutional republic known as the United States of America will exist in name only.

    I fear for my country.

  2. Bob68 and Everyone: The arbitrary dismissing of citizens’ complaints, lawsuits, etc, concerning “Obama’s” usurpation of the presidency (I call it STEALING the presidency), is not only insulting but arguably criminal. For instance, consider my experiences with the FBI DOJ. Over the last decade or so, I sent them numerous email messages and one or two packages of my findings and those of others, including the Maricopa County AZ Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse under the auspices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I even visited my local FBI District Office two times. Finally, in 2015, the USDOJ Office of the Inspector General wrote me one or two letters (unsigned) saying that they had “thoroughly reviewed” my materials and concluded “THE ISSUES RAISED DO NOT WARRANT AN INVESTIGATION BY THIS OFFICE” and THAT THEY CONSIDERED THE MATTER CLOSED AND DID NOT WISH TO HEAR ANYTHING MORE FROM ME AGAIN! Now, when I occasionally send or copy emails to them (OIG Hotline at USDOJ), they or their server sends back to me an apparently automated reply, which somewhat shockingly says “YOUR MESSAGE COULDN’T BE DELIVERED TO THE RECIPIENT BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO SEND IT!” How’s that for allowing me to report a crime on their “Hotline” and exercise my 1st Amendment rights! Another aspect of this breakdown of law and order and failure to uphold our U.S. Constitution is that ALMOST EVERYONE MISTAKENLY CONSIDERS “OBAMA” TO HAVE BEEN OUR COUNTRY’S “FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT.” Two things are incorrect about this. They are both dangerous and have become national security problems. One is that “Obama” was never a real constitutionally qualified president (had been a citizen of THREE different countries, which obviously is NOT even close to the definition of being a “natural born American citizen”). Secondly, “Obama” is by far more ARAB AMERICAN (44% ethnicity) than AFRICAN AMERICAN OR BLACK (6% ethnicity only). It occurs to me that these aspects of the usurper’s life are not widely known or accepted. No one wanted us to know these things in 2008-09, 2012-13, and years later. It is entirely possible that our country’s history will remain a LIE forever. THESE THINGS MIGHT HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! We’ve all been taken for a ride, though, don’t you think. DESTINATION- ANARCHY AND THIRD WORLD HELL HOLE!

  3. Thanks Tom,
    Once “Obama” was sworn-in by John Roberts, twice, in January 0f 2009 everyone complicit in the installation of the obviously ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama, both parties, had locked themselves into protecting Barry forever to protect both Obama, and themselves. There has never been a criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution more devastating than effectively giving America’s government and her military to her enemies. That’s what happened in 2009. No action was taken during President Trump’s term to fully reveal and act on the Obama fraud. Perhaps it would have been during Trump’s second term. IMO the protectors of Obama believed it could happen and that is reason number one why they arranged voter fraud which could be manipulated to defeat President Trump, no matter what the actual vote was. They were absolutely not going to allow a second term of Donald Trump. They got away with massive criminal activity which is finishing the destruction of America that was suppose to be Hillary’s job as the after Obama cover president, and “closer” of the Communist take-over from the inside…………..

  4. I agree with the content and philosophy of this article. Thank you for your effort, author and P&E staff.
    But, I realistically know that money and power have no conscience at any level of government. Mix the two (power, money) together and you get a government that operates in the blackmail mode.
    Since American citizens are discouraged from visiting our leaders at their job site due to them currently operating under physical conditions consistent with dictatorships – confined behind barbed barriers and under military protection – I often remind my designated representative and two senators at the federal level of the same thoughts expressed in this article through Internet communications.
    Yet, I suspect that all of my past messages were not read by the intended recipient, because none of my expressed concerns were ever addressed in their followup replies.
    Washington D.C. (District of Canned responses).

    1. The responses I received from offices of members of Congress all had one thing in common. The issue of Obama’s eligibility was, “settled”. They treated any and all evidence to the contrary as being nothing more than conspiracy theory, not worthy and a waste of time. On a few occasions I got interesting responses to my many phone calls. One call I will never forget was when the staff phone talker said to me after I explained what I believed about Obama, “we all agree with you, but nothing will be done about it”. Other phone talkers hinted they agreed with me, and sometimes I discussed the “restrictions” they had when responding to callers. IMO Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud were both well known by members of Congress, but many of them wanted Obama in office anyway, and they and others also feared being called racist and going against what they were told to say by Congressional leadership, back then Pelosi and Reid.

      Most members of Congress were aware of the actual meaning of, “natural born citizen”, but they either wanted Obama as America’s putative president and/or were afraid to speak out. One member of Congress said he would speak to others in Congress about Obama’s eligibility, but changed his mind later and did not. He was sent to prison by an Obama judge on an unrelated criminal charge. Steve Stockman was pardoned by President Trump. Other members of Congress probably saw Stockman’s prison sentence as another reason to never speak out about the Obama fraud……….
      The evil plan to take over America’s government and her military from the inside worked. In spite of a 4 year chance to stop it when Hillary lost to the “birther” Donald Trump, they are now back in full control and ahead of their original 16 year plan, which included 8 years of Hillary Clinton………………..