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(Apr. 13, 2021) — “Victory at Sea Theme Song” (0:57)

“Clear night.”

“I like it with a squall line on the horizon: you know, with lighting flashes across the sky.”

“Are you nuts? Give me smooth sailing every cruise; no swells; no nothing and certainly no squalls, ever, not one and certainly not any on any darn horizon. How long you been at sea, Boot?”

“Don’t callin’ me no Boot; I’ve been on board as long as you.”

“Then you should know better, sayin’ ‘I want to be entertained by a squall line.’  Be careful what you wish for. You know more ships been sunk by squalls poppin’ up and catching them’s unawares; don’t you know that?”

“Calm down.”

“Blue skies, smooth sailing, ‘Oh, will you look at that, a little black cloud,’ and BAM! You’re right smack-dab in the middle of a CAT 5 holding on for dear life, and before you know it it’s ‘both hands for the ship’ instead of ‘one hand for the ship and one for me.’ And then the howlin’ is so loud you can’t even hear yourself think and all you care about is getting hit by something that’s not tied down properly; maybe some Boot cinched it with a granny knot*’ instead of a square knot.”

“Take a deep breath; it’s a calm night with stars galore. Over there, did you see that? Another shooting star.”

“I saw it. Maybe it’s another Tunguska about to happen.”

“Golly, but could you tone it down a notch? What happened, you fall out of your bunk?”

“Naw, it’s that stupid Biden; I mean, doesn’t he have a conscience or something?”

“Are you kidding? He’s the ‘Ted Bundy of Politicians,’ is what he is. He’s the serial liar and destroyer of the hopes and dreams of millions of parents who wish for a better world for their kids, and not have MS 13 animals torture and cut up their daughter with a machete.”

“Look, if you can’t talk civil be quiet.”

“You started it by trying to sink us.”

“All I wanted was a little light show on the horizon, that’s all. It was you who blew it all out of proportion, not me.”

“Did you happen to see the latest stupidity from the Chief of Naval Operations?”

“You mean the eagle with the mask? Yea, I saw it and you know what the Navy can do with it.”

“Where do they find these idiots, anyway? Just look at Biden, a real two-time loser, and then there’s Harris, stupid beyond belief.”

“They don’t think they’re stupid.”

“Neither did Hitler.”

“You got a point. I guess it goes back to ‘when good people don’t do anything to stop bad people’ kind of thing.”

“When you’re on the Internet, do you ever go on Breitbart or The P&E? I do, every day; none of this Fake News for me.”

“That’s right; me, too. I wonder if the XO and the Captain do the same; I mean, aren’t they human, too, part of the human race? I mean, don’t they vote and, if they do, you’d think they’d know what’s going on.”

“I don’t know. I mean, I guess they vote but who or what for I don’t have a clue. If I were the Captain I’d sail this ship up the Potomac and kick the bums out; I mean, someone has to; isn’t that right?”

“I’m with you 100%. That one writer for The P&E, he says give him a company of Marines who believe in their Oath – that should go without saying, shouldn’t it? He’d kick Biden out of the White House and shoe-in Trump before you could say ‘Man Overboard.’”

“I read that, too. I don’t know; I mean, the cops would follow the orders of that nitwit mayor that they have, and the FBI and the Secret Service, well, they all want to get home safe every night, so maybe you have a point after all. I would take over the Pentagon, that’s what I would do.”

“You know what?”

“No, what?”

“It’s stupid for us to talk this way; I mean, it should have been done by now.”

“What you mean?”

“You just mentioned the Pentagon, right?”


“So they took the same Oath we did, the Oath to defend our country from any and all enemies, both from without and from within. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“You’re right.”

“So why haven’t they?”

“Haven’t what?”

“Why hasn’t the Pentagon followed their Oath, that’s what? I mean, it’s in plain sight; at least it is to me. How many fraudulent votes does it take to call an election a fraud?”

Does Biden belong in the White House?

“Is this a joke? You askin’ me? I don’t know, ten million?”

“One, one lousy vote. Listen: let’s say Biden won by one vote, and let’s say you could prove that one vote was a fraudulent vote: what then?”

“Well, in that case you have to throw Biden out on his tail and Trump would be our president.”

“Exactly. Now, what do you say you could prove that Biden got millions of illegal votes; what then?”

“Why, it would be the same: throw the bum out and put Trump back in; it’s the only way.”

“A-men. About that time they’re serving midrats; let’s go.”

[*granny knot: also called a “slip knot.”]

This Diamond Ring” (2:14)


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  1. The mask on the Eagle should be removed. America doesn’t have an ill Eagle. What America does have are illegals. The foreigners coming across our border unabated . The illegals are those people.

  2. Every “solution” I see for the stolen 202o election seems to say, “we must never allow this to happen again”, when that is not a solution at all. The only solution is to remove Biden from the presidency which was stolen for him, and replace Biden with the man who actually won the 2020 election, President Trump. Anything else is a meaningless waste of time and a source of intense anger and frustration among the 80 million plus voters who were “disenfranchised”. That would be, “cheated” out of victory by massive voter fraud.
    Just like Obama, once Biden’s illegitimate claim of victory was “certified” by John Roberts swearing in Biden the usurper, no court or anything else was going to change the the illegitimate strangle hold on America’s government and her military. The Communist statement to America from years ago that they would, “defeat America without firing a shot”, has been completed as surely as it would have been if the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover and “closer” of the 16 year plan to destroy America, Hillary Clinton, had won in 2016 instead of Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. The delay created by President Trump actually sped up the process as our enemies within discovered nothing would be done do stop them and put the petal to the metal. They are destroying what is left of America like there is no tomorrow…and for freedom, there may not be………………

    1. You’re 100% spot-on target, Bob. All this talk about “election reform” is admitting that the horse has left the barn, so what’s the sense in closing the barn door after the fact?
      No sense, and the only thing that makes ANY sense, the only way to put wrongs right, and the ONLY way to FIX THE PROBLEM is to…
      Get Biden O-U-T ASAP.
      We’re in bad shape and the longer this Biden-Harris of a joke is allowed to continue, the more – and here I’ll use a code word – hint-hint – “difficult” it will be for us patriots to take it back.
      They’ll want our guns at any cost; you know this to be true.
      Best thing to do? Stock-up on water, ammo and food. Buy plenty of dog food because man’s best friend is still the best warning system yet devised.