April 13, 2021-Fight Voter Fraud, Inc.–Although current Connecticut State Statute 9-14a prohibits inmates serving felony sentences from registering to vote and voting, state records appear to indicate that 56 incarcerated felons voted in the 2020 election. If the analysis of the data is correct, these inmates and potentially those who assisted them may face new Class D felony offenses.

Researchers at Fight Voter Fraud, Inc have uncovered new data that indicates that 56 felons serving time in Connecticut correctional institutions voted in the 2020 Federal election. Each inmate identified as voting in 2020 was researched using the Department of Corrections Offender Information Search tool and were determined to be felons at the time they voted. Using the state voter database available publicly from the Secretary of State’s office, it was determined that 47 of these 56 felons recently registered to vote from prison from September through November 2020, all in a 39-day window. Other felons had been registered in prior years and never had their voting privilege revoked. Inmates may vote if awaiting trial or sentencing or if incarcerated for misdemeanor offenses with no prior felony offenses unless voting rights have been restored.

“Despite clear state laws and the process of each Town Registrar of Voters receiving a monthly email from the office of the Director of Elections that lists felons from their town, this new discovery indicates more work needs to be done to address the integrity of voting in our state,” said Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO, FightVoterFraud, Inc. Inexplicably inmates can register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot which are sent to prison addresses as evidenced in the state voter files, often with the six digit inmate number as part of the address. On behalf of the voters who legally registered and voted last fall, we call on the Governor, Attorney General and other officials.”

“Our organization is dedicated to ensuring all our State’s properly registered voters can count on our State’s election integrity, and the more we uncover the more concerning the facts appear, now potentially rising to the commission of criminal acts,” said Dominic Rapini, Board Chair, FightVoterFraud, Inc. “Clearly, Connecticut currently lacks the transparency and objective checks and balances to manage thousands of parolees who may or may not fulfill their parole conditions. While the Secretary of The State, Denise Merrill and some lawmakers are pressing for passage of bill H.B. No 6578 calling for parolees to have their voting rights restored, it appears clear that this change to Connecticut election laws is premature and a distraction to concrete action needed to address the growing evidence that our election processes have integrity issues.”



Szynkowicz -Founder and CEO -(860) 575-7125, Linda@Fightvoterfraud.org

Dominic Rapini –Board Chair –(203) 645-0914, dominicrapini@fightvoterfraud.org

Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is a non-profit 501c(4), non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting for Election Integrity in Connecticut. Using analytical tools, investigative strategies, grassroots activism and, litigation, to strengthen our election systems and to root out voter fraud wherever it is uncovered. We believe in “One vote for one legal voter”©. To learn more about our organization please visit www.fightvoterfraud.org to report voter fraud, volunteer, get updates and to donate to our mission.


Letter to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill:

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