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(Apr. 13, 2021) — Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. In this corner, we have the 300-pound gorilla in a blue Onesie Hoodie named Joe Statist Wealthy Corporation. In the other corner, we have small government, free market Everyday-man in a tattered red MAGA robe. The judges are the American people and the referees are, unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. At the end of 15 rounds, we will be rapt with attention to the condition of the judges, as this fight will definitely spill out of the ring, onto the floor and outside the building. Only Pelosi and Schumer will be pacing around the ring wildly calling knockouts when the opponents are exchanging blows far away from the center ring. This fight will go down in history as 80 million Americans cheer for the Everyday-man from the cheap seats. The remaining seats are occupied by masked cardboard stick figures.

Deep Dive into Corporations and Government Policy

Corporations did not suddenly beat their chests and knuckle-walk into our political arena.  In 2016, $70 million was raised by the Philadelphia Democrat National Convention.  Did you know that three-quarters of that amount came from only 17 sources?  (Open Secrets database).  Facebook, AT&T, Blue Cross, American Airlines and Bank of America were among those sources.  Even Governor JB Pritzger (D-Illinois) donated $1.3 million as a personal donation. In fact, both political parties were hoping to educe $1 million donations for the 2020 election from corporations and wealthy donors while enticing them with access and advertising prospects.  As if that Herculean influence on our Republic were not enough, there are multinational corporations exerting gorilla strength over our international treaties.  As a result, multinational corporations (MNCs) are now able to sue independent governments (I.E. United States) when their corporate profitability is compromised by our legislation!  How quickly can you say Globalism?


Ayn Rand wrote, “Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation’s troubles and use as a justification of its own demands for dictatorial powers.” In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it has been the businessmen.  Rand was partially right.  But it was not absolute.  After World War I, Woodrow Wilson brought corporate elite into the government to oversee his massive government expansion.  Many of them preferred enforcing policy over inspiring employees to superior performance. Business and government have, at times, merged their world view that the unwashed masses do not possess the acumen to run a government, comprehend bureaucracy nor allocate the country’s resources throughout.  Washington, D.C. often inflates the abilities and skills of those who wield it.

An Unholy Alliance

Still, businessmen and statists have a love-hate relationship.  Corporations can be an ally of government or they can be held in the crosshairs of looming Executive Orders that will hobble them.  It is impossible for corporations and government to maintain a reciprocal relationship forever.  Business interests include tariffs and regulatory concerns which put them at direct odds with administrations periodically. They employ lobbyists to curry favorable policy to constantly improve their bottom line. Simply, corporations have wide-angle, global objectives if it benefits their bottom line where statists want tightly-controlled, centralized government, the equivalent of a helicopter government watching and regulating your entire life.

Corporate Heavy Lifting

The Biden Administration along with private companies wants to create a nationwide internal health passport system, woke hiring policies and mask requirements. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission wants companies to report equity data to the federal government. Eighty million Americans voted against statism.  Mairead McCardle, Investigative Reporter for The Daily Wire, reports the Biden regime is planning to use private companies to promote an unprecedented woke agenda. They intend to require companies with over 100 employees to supply government with data on employees’ salaries based on race and gender.  Government would be able to see the earnings of women, men, minorities and whites.  The individual skill set would be irrelevant.  It is the leveling of a skin-color playing field that is in the grasp of Democrat Socialists.  Government spreadsheets would dictate your future, your livelihood as if you were nothing more than a pawn on their chess board.

Helicopter Government Nannies

Bureaucrats poring over data will be hunting for pay gaps between skin colors, not skill sets.  They will pounce faster than you can say, “Biden did not win!”  The Feds will take action against a targeted company.  They will regulate it, audit it, investigate or sue it.  Companies, at the stroke of a keyboard, will find themselves mired in legal actions they cannot afford.  The government will cherry-pick which companies to pursue.  Would it surprise you if the companies on the EEOC chopping block were companies that had made donations to Conservative causes?  Is government punitive?  I call your attention to Barack Obama’s IRS refusal to grant c(3) and c(4) status to conservative political groups. The IRS denied tax status to anyone using “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their name.  Constitutional free speech and equal treatment under the law were consigned to the wastebasket of oblivion.

Punch-Drunk Biden vs. MAGA Everyday Man

The referees are throwing the fight. The judges (80 million in the cheap seats) watch in horror as referees Pelosi and Schumer ignore the integrity of the match.  They get up from their seats.  They scream at the refs.  They loudly proclaim their horror at Cauliflower ear Joe in permanently-pressed shorts shouting his Thrilla’ in Manilla victory.  But Everyday MAGA man has demanded a TKO be issued.  The referees are tone-deaf.  Despite the loud, demonstrative demonstrations from Everyday MAGA Man, Punch-Drunk Joe is beating his chest, knuckle-walking around the ring and proclaiming China will reap the rewards of his faux victory.  The 80 million judges are already demanding a rematch!

Jayne Friedman, a native New Yorker who now lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, is a Range Safety Officer and a National Rifle Association certified pistol instructor. She teaches firearm skills to former victims of crimes as well as those interested in their personal defense. Jayne began political activism in 2010.  The formation of the Tea Party galvanized her passionate conviction to conservative ideals and policies.  As a lifelong writer, she focused her goal on writing political commentary primarily on social media.  She is now sharing her insights with a wider audience.  Jayne can be reached at

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  1. This is right on the mark, big corrupt government and big corrupt corporations conspiring to subjugate We the People. The illegals pouring in to get millions in free housing, welfare, and preferential treatment will soon find their gravy train dried up. Once the tyrants get complete control these illegals will be treated just like the rest of us, as subjects of despots!!!!!!!!!!