by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

Rep. James Clyburn is currently House Majority Whip

(Apr. 12, 2021) — As one-time former Democrat Ronald Reagan used to quip: “There you go again,” Congressman James Clyburn (D. S.C.), appearing on the Democrats’ propaganda channel, CNN, responded recently to a question from pseudo-journalist Jake Tapper.

Monsieur Tapper asked whether Clyburn shared the Goofball-in-Chief’s view that the recently-enacted Georgia election integrity law, SB 202, constituted a new, 2021 version of a “Jim Crow” law.  After wiping his brow, Clyburn responded: “Yes, I do.  No doubt about it.”  Really?  The law has been labeled “Jim Crow 2.0” by that stellar intellect of the Peach State, Stacey Abrams.

Seriously, where do the Democrats find these people?  First, we had Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson fretting that the stationing of too many Marines on Guam would lead to its capsizing.  Then we had newly-minted Georgia Senator Raphael (“I-never-assaulted-my-wife” Warnock championing the MLB boycott of his home state – to the tune of perhaps $100 million in lost revenues – and bunting of the MLB All-Star Game to Denver, claiming that he respected the decision to “speak out against this unjust law.”

Memo to Congressman Johnson: are you really that dumb?  Memo to Senator Warnock: what, exactly, is “unjust” about requiring people to establish their identities in order to vote?  Finally, memo to Congressman Clyburn: are you sure that there’s “no doubt” that the new Georgia is just “Jim Crow 2.0?”

It would be better if these Democrats did a little more homework before opening their mouths.  For Johnson, some geography and geology study might help educate him that Guam is part of the East Mariana Ridge and sits securely atop the Mariana’s Tectonic Plate.  Translation: Guam is not a boat or a ship and it cannot capsize. 

For Warnock, get set to explain to your constituents why you supported a boycott of Georgia and majority-black Atlanta by MLB in favor of majority white Denver…. where positive voter identification is required.  And after costing Atlanta perhaps $100 million, get set for dwindling political donations.

Finally, for Clyburn, before you go libeling SB 202 as Jim Crow 2.0, bone up on the origins of “Jim Crow 1.0.”  You remember that, don’t you, Congressman?  That’s when the Democrats – yes, Virginia, the Democrats – in Southern states enacted a wide series of state laws specifically targeting blacks for discriminatory and, wait for it…, wait for it…, overtly racially-biased treatment.

As noted in the Wikipedia piece, “these laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat-dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by black people during the Reconstruction Period.” (Emphasis added)  If Jim Crow 1.0 laws were abhorrent, Clyburn has no one to blame but his fellow Democrats of the past.

Quite apart from the fact that the 1964 Civil Rights Act – enacted after a Democrat-initiated and sustained filibuster of the bill was defeated through a bipartisan cloture vote, discussed here – put an end to most, if not all, “Jim Crow” laws, the attempt to equate Georgia SB 202 today with laws from a century ago that, for example, required as a matter of law segregated black and white restrooms, building entrances and even water fountains in restaurants is, respectfully, stupid. 

The new Georgia law is anything but a revisiting of Jim Crow laws, as explained here.  And the fact that this flawed and demonstrably false analogy is being peddled by a United States congressman is not only depressing, but it should tell you all you need to know about Democrat politicians who don’t do enough homework.  If Clyburn would have done a bit more of that instead of sipping leftist Kool-Aid propaganda, he would likely have selected a different response to Tapper’s leading “Jim Crow” question. 

Then again, because the Democrats and their propaganda merchants have little more than race-baiting and misinformation remaining in their dwindling intellectual arsenal, the faulty analogy and Clyburn’s confused analysis of it is understandable.

Tell me again that the nation is in capable hands with the Democrats in charge.  I’ll wait.

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