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April 9, 2021

Dear Readership,

The following internet joke hit home with me:  “If Aliens landed in the United States and said, ‘Take me to your leader,’ think about how embarrassing that would be.”

Recently the American media has depicted our newly-elected President from several points of view.  To some, he is presenting their agenda at warp speed.  To others he is a puppet on a string.  I see him as mentally challenged to a point that he is handicapped.

Every time he delivers a speech, a translator from the White House staff reactively steps in to clarify his garbled oration.  I volunteered in a nursing home for a number of years and there were three levels: Alzheimer’s, dementia, and pre-dementia.  Very sadly, our President seems to fall somewhere between the latter two stages.  This is not just my opinion but also that of former White House Physician for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Dr. Ronny Jackson, as he wrote on Twitter.

It seems that Air Force One will be having the wheelchair symbol added to the tail number.

It seems that every time the President speaks (or reads) he is as coherent as a roadkill.  This is disconcerting to me as an American and has troubled many of my overseas friends who have commented about his mishandling of the English language.  In announcing his nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (known as the ATF), he referred to the organization as the AFT.  That is the American Federation of Teachers, a national union for public school teachers.  So embedded with unions in his lifetime, our President doesn’t seem to know the difference.

It seems that the Presidency under this gentleman has reached rock bottom and he has started to dig.  He seems to have the actions of someone in slow motion and doesn’t seem to be able to organize a woodpecker’s reunion in the Redwood Forest.  His handlers would be well to stick him in a clay pot and water him weekly.

I am very close to his age and at least have the moxie to do better than this humiliating character.  A sad commentary for this great nation to be represented by a “has-been” who is heading toward infamy as a “won’t be.”


James M. Hoover, CACM
Captain, USAF (Retired)

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  1. Great article!! As UFO’s are becoming more of a reality. I wonder the same thing LOL! I agree with you about Biden. Not even trying to be funny but something is up and he is not fit to be President. I dont know how people ignore this. Not only is it embarrassing but it could be dangerous. I realize the date of this article but have to add, it is worse than we thought.

  2. Well done Jim. Biden is clearly a sad case, but being in the most sensitive, demanding and responsible position in the entire world, he is a clear and present danger not only to America, but the entire world!?
    The loons-on-the-left, are going ‘all-in’ to destroy America.

  3. Well Jim, I simply agree to disagree. I was ecstatic to see our former president leave office. I have never been so embarrassed for our country than while he was in office. The former president (I cannot even stand to say his name) has no one to blame but himself for losing a second term. The Republican Party will be in deep trouble if he is allowed to lead them. My opinion!

    1. I wonder if you still feel the same LOL! So far everything Trump has said is turning out to be true. It is now the end of June and the Biden administration continues to destroy our great country. We still have a little over 3 years to go. It is scary

  4. Jim,
    Well done. Instead of a complete diatribe to make your point known, a simple few paragraphs did it as we’ve all seen this …I guess we’ll call him President for now until Kamala takes over, fall all over himself trying to be a lucid orator. Again, well done.

  5. I am the same age as Joe Biden, and served with him on the SSCI from 1981-1985 when I was Staff Director of the Committee. He never stuttered, was always outspoken and always left-of-center against the CIA and FBI. He was a bittier opponent of Chafee’s bill to protect the identities of Covert Agents [of which I was one in the CIA]. He continues to have all of the foolish attributes he displayed years ago but is now suffering from dementias as well. How sad for America! Here comes Article 25, Section 4 and Kamala!

  6. Jim your thoughts are are right on the bullseye. What I fear is if Biden steps down and Harris replaces him and what if shes steps down and the wicked witch of the West, Auntie Peolosi has to step up. I will have to take my 95 lbs chocolate Labrador and hide under the bed for safety. One night my wife, my dog and I went to bed and all was well and the next day the world was upside after the election that the dems stole.

      1. I agree. This Country has enough Problems. This President scares the hell out of me and many of the Veterans I served with. Some are overseas fighting for this Country. May God Help us Today

  7. I have to agree wholeheartedly. The agenda of the Democratic party is not what most Americans want and they don’t care. They stopped representing the people a long time ago and only push their own ridiculous agendas. We will be in debt forever and the things they are giving our money to are not what we want. We need to stand up for our rights before it is too late and time is quickly running out.

  8. When Hillary failed to be elected as the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president, the best replacement for President Trump the Commies believed they could get elected was Obama’s V.P., Joe Biden. They stole the 2020 election to insure that happened. However, even Obama doubted Joe’s ability to handle the job. After President Trump was removed from office Obama was turned loose to control his puppet, Joe Biden. Obama has a lot at stake because no one knows better than Obama that he was/is an ineligible, identity fraud who was installed in 2009 to weaken America from the inside as much as possible, which he did…and is still doing. Obama is protecting himself from the truth about his usurpation being fully revealed and acted on, which was feared by all complicit during the Presidency of Donald Trump. That protection of Obama was supposed to been provided by Hillary Clinton………………….

      1. Thank you. I’m 77 and never thought I would live to see America almost completely taken over from the inside. I was retired and paying close attention in 2008 when “Obama” appeared out of nowhere, and I believed at that time was he was being installed to destroy America from the inside. It all seemed so transparent, yet many Americans were falling for the con-artist and the media’s non stop lies about how wonderful it would be to have a black president, any black president. Joe Biden famously said in the New York Observer in 2008: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man”.
        The “storybook”‘ was and still is a horror story!