by Bob Russell, ©2021

Photo: John James, Wikimedia Commons, CC by 3.0

(Mar. 31, 2021) — The big tag line over the last year has been to refer to blacks and Hispanics as “people of color” in order to ramp up the racial division plan of the satanic left. The only “people of color” I am aware of are the cartoon characters The Smurfs, who are blue, and The Simpsons, who are yellow. Liberals like to keep people divided by skin color to advance their agenda of implementing tyranny upon ALL of We the People. Liberals also contend that ALL Caucasian people are racists. Racism is labeling people by skin color, which is exactly what liberals do. Once the global government of satan is established, skin color won’t matter to his minions because ALL of the people will be slaves.

The lie of voter identification being used to suppress minority votes is another scam of the satanic left to undermine the Republic.  People, regardless of skin color, have to have a state-issued picture ID to cash a check, rent a car, buy liquor, board an airplane, buy a firearm, and countless other things, but showing identification to vote is racist?  They seem to be saying that states refuse to give minorities a driver’s license because they might use it to vote, and that is a blatant lie.  That contention is beyond ludicrous but beyond ludicrous is what the left is.

Since only black- and brown-skinned people are “people of color,” shouldn’t they notify the Crayola company that beige and/or white are no longer colors?  The last box of crayons I saw had both beige and white crayons included so they must be “racist” for including those two “non-colors” in their boxes of crayons.  Liberals make no sense at all yet they view themselves as “enlightened,” “inclusive,” and “diverse,” none of which are true.  Liberals, especially politicians, are the most exclusive group in the nation.  They want to have unlimited power and wealth while holding We the People in poverty and under their tyrannical thumbs and are abusing “people of color” to implement their insidious scheme.

Sadly, the education system has been unlawfully conscripted by the federal government to brainwash children into believing the lies of the left about the history of America and where we are today.  I have friends and acquaintances who have black and brown skin and served in the U.S. Army with the same.  I had no problem then and don’t now have any problem getting along with people who have a different skin color than my own because like Martin Luther King Jr. we look at the content of character rather than surface skin color.

The worst part of this scam is that the plan of the despots controlling government is to totally subjugate We the People, including those they falsely claim to be “for.”  Another thing the despots are doing is negating the Constitution through unconstitutional executive orders and legislation pushed through a one-party Congress, without any debate or input from other than radical leftists. 

We don’t even really have one-party control in Congress but rather, one-person control in each house of Congress.  Any democrat who is neither devilish nor communist doesn’t dare speak out or vote against this tyranny because they will be punished by the ultra-radical despots in control of their party.   Madame botox pelosi in the house and upchuck schumer in the senate both rule with an iron fist, not even accepting any input from people in their party who have genuine concerns about the path our nation is on. 

The wanna-be tyrants are also obsessed with confiscating guns from citizens, including the minorities they claim to be in support of while ignoring the gun crimes in the “gun-free” meccas that account for hundreds of shootings and dozens of deaths every week.  While defunding the police, liberals want to disarm decent citizens while letting violent criminals out of prison early by the hundreds every month.  If gun control worked Chicago would be the safest city in America but is instead the murder capital of America.  Detroit had that “distinction” for a long time but the economic collapse caused by fuhrer obama and joe dementia turned Detroit into a virtual ghost town by destroying jobs and opportunity there, causing hundreds of thousands of people to leave to escape the abject poverty brought on by design of the obama regime.

Blm and antifa are truly marxist anarchist groups financed by Nazi war criminal george soros and controlled by white liberals using race as a method to seize control and subjugate all of We the People under a third-world puppet state of satan’s one-world government.  While accusing President Trump and his supporters of being racist fascists it is the left using racist and fascist tactics to impose illegal and immoral control over citizens.

The devildemocommiecrats used FRAUD to steal the 2020 election so they could implement their satanic agenda.  If they are so supportive of blacks why did they cheat John James, a black republican running for Senate in Michigan, out of the seat in favor of a rich white devildemocommiecrat?  It is because radical ideology is what they desire and James is a conservative who really cares about America and citizens regardless of skin color.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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