by Maurice Hamel, ©2021

Kamala Harris, from her former Senate website

(Mar. 30, 2021) — When I was a child, I was terrible at keeping secrets. I remember helping Mom wrap birthday presents for my sister and being told not to tell her what the presents were, “It’s a secret.” So, when my sister asked me, and I couldn’t tell her, my response was to laugh.

That memory came back to me when I saw a clip of Vice President Harris this week.  While speaking with reporters on the tarmac of Jacksonville International Airport, Harris was asked if she had plans to visit the southern border to evaluate the ongoing crisis there, for which she had been put in charge of finding a solution.  “Well, not today,” Harris said before laughing.

The next day the story told in the news was that she was not taking the matter seriously and should not be the one in charge of finding a solution to this problem.

But the press missed the real story.  She was not laughing because she was unconcerned about the children separated from their parents, being held in detention centers along the border.  While I can’t tell if she was concerned or not, I do know she was laughing because she had a secret and she couldn’t tell them.  Her handlers had asked her to lie and she is not good at lying.

After so many years of dealing with politicians who appear to be skilled at being “stone-faced liars,” it might be refreshing to have a president who giggles every time the press asked her a question where her advisors have told her to lie.

Maurice Hamel is a retired environmental scientist living on a small New England farm. He is author of “NATURE – GOD’S GROANING CREATION:  Biblical Perspectives for the Environmentally Concerned” available through his website,  He continues to write on the intersection of faith and world events, counseling husbands, devotional Bible study and “the need for people to grow in their relationship with God who loves them.”

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  1. Our country is in disarray. And in these times of upheaval we need a strong, steady person in charge who is focused and calm. A person who exudes confidence. What we do not need is someone who giggles incessantly like Kamala Harris. There is a time for humor, but not giggling like Kamala. I cringe at the thought if she ever became President of the U. S. We’re almost better off with Joe Biden, who isn’t aware of what’s going on sometimes, than with a socialist like Kamala Harris, or liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. During the debates, Kamala nervously rolled her eyes and smirked her way through it. She is clearly not at ease in the political arena.

  2. I tire of your gainsaying and discouragement Henry. I am going forward with my Petition for Writ of Certiorari. SCOTUS has the final say on standing. You haven’t seen my arguments yet Henry. I am a Navy veteran. I don’t give up the ship. I won’t back down on bringing usurpers to Justice.

    1. It isn’t gainsaying to observe that every judge so far ruled there was no standing. And that numerous other eligibility suits over the past decade have been dismissed for lack of standing. And that filing a cert. petition won’t bring anyone to “Justice.”

  3. Laity v Harris is currently on print schedule by Cockle Legal Briefs and is being prepared for Petition for Writ of Certiorari at this time. The US Allegiance Institute Amicus Brief is being inserted in the case appendix.

    1. Mario Apuzzo’s group’s brief doesn’t add anything: the definition of natural born citizen will not be addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court because the judges below ruled there was no standing.

  4. Kamala Harris is not eligible to BE President or Vice-President. She is not a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States. I believe that Harris may have Pseudobulbar Affect.

      1. I have medical training. I have college degrees in Anatomy and Physiology as well as Psychology. I speak with the authority of credentials on the subject. I also said “probably suffers from Pseudobulbar affect. I also have experience as a Mental Health Counselor (Neuro-Psychiatry) in the U.S. Navy.

  5. Kamala Harris is NOT eligible constitutionally to BE President under Article II. Neither is she now the bona-fide Vice-President. She is disqualified also under the 12th Amendment. Harris probably suffers from Pseudobulbar affect. I call her “Cackling Kamala”.

  6. This shallow, immature person—who couldn’t draw enough interest to even advance in the primary election—laughs (or cackles) at inappropriate times, as if she’s drugged. We have a serious problem on our southern border and passing it off as laughable or not important enough to be on her immediate schedule is outrageous. Completely unacceptable.

  7. Harris is constitutionally-ineligible for either the vicePOTUS or the POTUS.

    The illegitimacy of the 2020 general election is more than just election fraud. Kamala Harris was an unconstitutional running mate/putatively elected vice-president. Harris does not meet the strict requirement of being a natural born Citizen as found in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 and affirmed by the last sentence of Amendment 12.

    A natural born Citizen is a person born in the USA to two (2) US citizen parents.

    The opportunity to usurp the office of the president of the United States of America is on the rise after the U.S. Senate voted on Senate Resolution (SR) 511 in April 2008. The following individuals, past and present, are/were not natural born Citizens:
    1. Chester Arthur. (father not a US citizen when Chester born)
    2. Barack HUSSEIN Zer0Bama. (undocumented alien) NOTE 1
    3. John S. McCain, III. (STATUTORY US citizen through immigration laws)
    4. Marco Rubio. (anchor baby) NOTE 2
    5. Rafael E. (Ted) Cruz. (undocumented US citizen/Canadian Candidate)
    6. Bobby Jindal (anchor baby) NOTE 2
    7. Tulsi Gabbard. (STATUTORY US citizen through immigration laws)
    8. Andrew Yang. (anchor baby) NOTE 2
    9. Kamala Harris. (anchor baby) NOTE 2
    1. This person’s advertised background documentation is obfuscated and sealed from public viewing.
    2. Anchor baby phrase is used to indicate that neither of this person’s parents was a US citizen when this person was born in the USA.

    If the above individuals’ nativity event is conclusively proven and truly litigated in the US Supreme Court, then the above individuals are merely STATUTORY US citizens, whose US citizenship was awarded through legislative positive law.

    A natural born Citizen does not need any legislative law to award them their US citizenship. A natural born Citizen is a citizen by the act of nature – being born in the country to two citizens of THAT country, not Jamaica and India as is the case for the low-life subject of this editorial.

  8. First, Kamala Harris is neither the president nor is she constitutionally eligible for that office, for she is not a natural born citizen. While she was born in the U.S., arguably while subject to its jurisdiction, making her only a “citizen” of the U.S. under the Fourteenth Amendment, she was not born to two U.S. citizen parents, an additional requirement to be an Article II “natural born Citizen.” Second, we should not be making light of her flippant attitude regarding serious world events.