by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 29, 2021) — The Office of 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump has launched a communications and activism initiative “committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda,” it said in a press release on Monday.

The new website encourages supporters to “Contact the Office of Donald J. Trump” to “help fulfill our promise to put America First!”

“America First” was a slogan of the Trump 2016 campaign as well as his administration, invoked both domestically and to the United Nations General Assembly during Trump’s four years in office.

On its contact page, the website states, “Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump enjoy hearing from the American people.  In an effort to ensure that your requests and comments are received in a timely manner, it is strongly encouraged that you submit all correspondence online.  President and Mrs. Trump prefer not to receive letters, gifts, inquiries, and invitations through the mail.”

On the contact form, members of the public have the option to have their message delivered to Trump or his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump.

There is also a contact form for members of the media.

An announcement of the endeavor appeared on Twitter at approximately 8:15 p.m. EDT posted by former Trump-campaign legal counsel Jenna Ellis, who now hosts a radio show, “Just the Truth” and serves as Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society.

As this article went to press, generated an “Error 522” message.

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  1. Will it be deja vu all over again? I mean, if Trump gets back in the white house, will he (again) have Deep State operatives as his AG, Secretary of Defense and Homeland Security boss?
    Just askin’ because I think it is a legitimate question.
    I think if he had, for instance, an outsider (such as myself), very likely Biden-Harris would be wearing orange and Trump would – still – be our president.
    Get real, people, you have to fight fire with fire; you have to use the same, or more, “drastic” tactics than the enemy, if you want to win.
    If you can’t be counted on to help, then you’re in the way. It’s called LIFE.

  2. On the second paragraph of this article at the word encourages I clicked “on”. Next, at the bottom of the red banner I clicked on Contact Us. Then, I scrolled down and submitted my contact info to Trump with a nice message/remark. I am encouraging others to do the same. This is to say thanks, and I sense it gets us on Trumps list for info and updates.

  3. Dear President Trump,
    You were and are our best president. We are very pleased you are able to talk to us directly and we can talk to you. We pray for you, Lovely Melania and your beautiful family to remain strong, in good health and for wisdom and clear thought. We need you more than ever. Never did we imagine how deep the swamp really was. God bless and guide you each and every day. Marion and Peter Dooley

  4. Please help us American people. President TRUMP. We need you and Mrs Trump back at the white house to get us out of this mess that the fake president is getting us into. We really miss you and Mrs Trump so much you two are the only ones that cares about us American people.