by Jayne Friedman, ©2021

On April 19, 1776, Paul Revere made his famous “midnight ride” to warn
the colonists, “The British are coming!”

(Mar. 29, 2021) — “One if by land and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country folk to be up and to arm.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In 1775, Paul Revere rode a horse lent to him by John Larkin (deacon of the Old North Church in Charlestown, Massachusetts) to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn the Minutemen that the British were coming.  He was just an ordinary man, a silversmith by trade who sold his goods throughout Boston.  But he was, by modern-day standards, an activist, a patriot, a man who risked everything to save his young country. 

Although this is old news, the heart of a Paul Revere patriot beats in syncopation inside ordinary people throughout America.  The beats are palpable.  They are passionate.  They cry out for good people to do something. 

This time the British are not coming.  We defeated them.  We fought them with everything we had and beat them back to their own continent.  But now forces inside our own country are unabashedly stealing the governmental underpinnings of our country, seeking to replace our Democratic Republic with the codified mechanisms of communist regimes throughout history and make them our Government for Life! 

They Are Dead Serious

Just as the Democrats were dead serious about ridding America of President Donald J. Trump in 2020, they are equally serious about never having to suffer another electoral defeat that would relegate them to humiliating safe rooms and out-of-control screaming at the sky.  They are not strategizing about future elections by supporting good-quality candidates and policies.  Instead, they are planning to grab power for life by shoving through legislation that would guarantee their wins at the ballot box by — among other manipulations — repudiating voter IDs and sanctioning the highly fishy mail-in-voting.  This is the playbook of the new Socialist Democrats. 

They grab, steal or seize what they have not legitimately earned.  They lost 13 seats in the House of Representatives in 2020.  Consequently, they have a numbers conundrum.  To fix this, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi aims to take away the seat from Mariannette Miller-Meeks in Iowa.  Meeks won that election and it was certified 5-0 by a bipartisan group of election officials.

Democrats are dead serious.  Hear ye.  Hear ye.  We are about to lose our country.  It will feel like watching a family member drown in the sea while witnessing the scene in horror from the shore.

The Undertow is Deadly

One Democrat strategy is revising the Senate filibuster rules to slide legislation like HR 1 — the deceptively-called “For the People Act” — to the finish line with just a simple majority vote. This legislation would then be rushed into law purely based on party-line ideology. Lawmaking was designed to be hard.  It was designed to be tedious.  It was designed for endless debate.  It was designed by our Founders to be serious because governing was their aim.  It was not designed to rule We the People! 

Amending the filibuster rule is nothing more than a Democrat power grab for One-Party Rule. 

Donald A. Ritchie, the Senate’s official historian emeritus, wrote, “A filibuster is any device used by a minority to prevent a vote because presumably the majority would win.” It is an operating tool that lawmakers established for their respective chambers as their governing rules. Our Founders designed the Senate to be a check on the House of Representatives which in theory, is the People’s Representatives. 

Because it was believed that the Representatives could be swayed and impassioned by their constituency, the filibuster was developed as a stall device used by the Senate for either cooler heads to prevail or to stop a bill dead in its tracks. 

Stopping the filibuster is very old-school.  It is the call of nature that stops the filibuster.  In other words, a potty call.  But the Democrats want to manipulate centuries-old tradition to their advantage so that our legislature operates as a rubber stamp for liberalism, Leftism, Communism, Fascism and Progressivism. 

America itself would be thereby caught in an relentless undertow.

HR 1 Will Drown Us All

  • For the People Act is a deceptive title meant to daze and confuse you.
  • Banning voter ID.  Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission is subject to massive fraud.
  • Nationalized voting including for illegal aliens. Once you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote. This is brazenly unconstitutional.
  • 16-year-olds will be required to be registered to vote, insuring that children who haven’t even been taught American History will vote as Democrats instruct them to.
  • Nationwide same-day registration, another scheme to boost Democrat votes.
  • $25M grants used to involve minors in election activities.  This is called brainwashing.
  • No attempts allowed to clean voter rolls of non-residents, dead people or non-citizens.
  • Murderers and rapists can vote.
  • Mandatory early voting, yet another scheme to boost Democrat votes.
  • DC statehood and territory statehood to swell Democrat numbers.
  • Grants federal workers (mostly Democrats) six days of PAID vacation to work polls.  Six days for a one-day event!  Mmmmm…..suspicious at the very least!
  • Stiff penalties for anyone who “harasses” poll workers and government administrators.  Actually, this should reap Republicans and Conservatives quite a bit of money since they are the only ones harassed at the polls!
  • Questioning election results can be prosecuted under the umbrella definition of what constitutes harassment!  This is beyond unconstitutional…..this is the absolute destruction and removal of the First Amendment of Free Speech granted by God, not Democrats!


If you are reading the above and feeling the futility of it all, know that you are not alone.  Throughout history, good, law-abiding people felt the sledgehammer of tyranny boxing them into a heavily-guarded plantation. In a way, political strategists rely on keeping you up at night with angst. It suits them. They want to weaken you with the sense of helplessness and hopelessness.  A “ruling” government demanding strict obedience to its authority in exchange for your personal freedom is the operating procedure of the Biden regime.

Keep this term on the front burner of your mind: “Authoritarian Thinking.” 

Keep it there so you will always be tethered to reason.  When you read likable/eye-catching labels on bills or in speeches or in Q and A’s, you’ll quickly realize that you are being corralled by slick authoritarian words, words meant to galvanize your attention and to seduce you.


Human beings are not meant to live drifting alone in a dangerous sea of angst and uncertainty.  We have freedom coursing through our veins. We yearn for the liberties for which our Founders, our forefathers and our heroes throughout the centuries have fought and died.  

Many of us channel the unbreakable spirit of Paul Revere.  Others, to their credit, are willing to be backup reinforcements, and still others are willing to be the lookouts.  Hear ye, Hear ye, We the People have to do something now.  We cannot wait to find out our fate if HR 1 works its way through the legislative process.  We will not wait.  This is what to do:

  • CALL your representatives (Congresspeople and Senators) at least twice a week.  Numbers count!  Their phone numbers and e-mail addresses are easily accessed online. Flood their telephone lines!
  • PERSIST!  Keep up the drumbeat!  The more people who register their protest, the better chance of killing horrible legislation.  And the more people who support those elected officials who are fighting the leftist onslaught, the better!
  • WRITE ON SOCIAL MEDIA and do not be intimidated by the angry leftist feedback you receive.  The more they hate you, the more you are making a difference!
  • EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES Again, their emails are easy to access online.
  • MARCH IN FRONT OF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE’S OFFICE IN A SANDWICH BOARD.  You know, the advertising slung over the shoulders so the message is seen by viewers on the front and back of the person wearing it.

We the People have the power.  Let us use it!  Hear ye, hear ye.  The Democrats are coming!

Jayne Friedman, a native New Yorker who now lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, is a Range Safety Officer and a National Rifle Association certified pistol instructor. She teaches firearm skills to former victims of crimes as well as those interested in their personal defense. Jayne began political activism in 2010.  The formation of the Tea Party galvanized her passionate conviction to conservative ideals and policies.  As a lifelong writer, she focused her goal on writing political commentary primarily on social media.  She is now sharing her insights with a wider audience.  Jayne can be reached at

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  1. Than you for a very important article. We Have to “Take A Stand Against these Criminals, this is a War We Have GOT TO HAVE AND WIN! We have no choice but to fight, if we want The United States of America stand. They want a global government (here) and are doing everything to have it and faster than people want to realize.

  2. It’s a nice line of thought, well-written but completely useless in practice. The only way to win this… We all know what must be done

  3. It’s going to take much more than, “Contact your Representatives” to save America. Most of them are so compromised and/or on the side of America’s enemies that contacting them is an exercise in futility. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be tried, and to some extent it has been, but a much more definitive and aggressive back-up plan had better be in place…soon.

  4. The United States is undergoing a Social Revolution that is patterned after the Weimar Republic that believed that it was possible to spend your way out of any imagined difficulty, regardless of the amount of money printed, even to the point of a total collapse of the money supply and its corresponding purchasing power. The current regime headed by the Socialists in Washington DC are determined to inflate the US dollar to the point that everyone will become not only bankrupt, but dependent on the Government for their sustenance.

    The majority of the people in the United States are staunchly Middle Class. Many own their homes, have pensions, and basically are considered hard working Americans. Tearing that structure down and replacing it with sloth will ultimately destroy the moral and ethical fabric of this country, so much that it will only be a matter of time before the people rise up and overthrow the yoke of Government. Rewarding people for doing nothing will produce nothing, and in the end, create the impetus for a revolution. Who among us is willing to give up everything that we created in this Middle Class country for the common good? Why work an eight plus hour day and create goods and services knowing that your neighbor refuses to work, yet still expects to eat?

    Middle Class America will rise up and overthrow these Oligarchs who insist on the destruction of the United States. In 2020, we saw over 150 cities have riots, looting, murder, and general mayhem take place while the rest of America just looked the other way. Is that going to be our future? Will we accept the fact that there are those among us who revel in destroying the fabric that binds all Americans together, or will we fight to preserve our freedom and dignity? Who among us is willing to just lay down our arms accept the status quo? Not me, and I hope not you.

    The idea of being free takes courage. It takes determination, and most of all it takes pure guts. The Minutemen in Paul Revere’s time were men and women who fought against the King of England who then headed the world’s most proficient army and navy. In effect, we said No Taxation without Representation, and we beat the British using our playbook, not theirs. In the end, we were successful simply because we were determined. Are we determined today? The way things are going in just a little over two months, I have my doubts. Unless we are willing to resurrect the ideals that motivated the Minutemen to take action against the strongest empire the world knew at that time, we too will become the dustbin of civilization. The United States will wither away into becoming another Banana Republic waiting for the next handout. A Welfare State, always dependent on others.